October 4, 2011


striped shirt - thrifted / braided yellow belt - H&M / wool pencil skirt - vintage, thrifted / tights - Target / watch - Arkanoplatz flea market, Berlin / purse - birthday gift from mom, Banana Republic / brogues - Primark

Oh hello there! I know, it's been ages since I posted anything here on the blog (even my mom chided me on my slow posting), but things have been pretty hectic around here these last few weeks. While my poor blog's been collecting internet-dust, I've been off starting a new job, moving to another sublet here in Brooklyn, going to birthday parties and housewarmings, apartment-hunting (and finding!), and generally giving my unlimited Metrocard a run for its money. We really haven't found a way to integrate taking photos for the blog into our new routine, but I decided to give it a shot yesterday morning in the three minutes before we ran out the door to a meeting with a real estate broker. Of course, it turned out that our adorable studio sublet isn't actually big enough to take a full-length photo, so you'll have to use a little imagination to picture this outfit in its entirety. Hopefully things will settle down a bit soon and I'll be able to get back to blogging with a bit more regularity.


Looks & Books said...

Love this outfit--the combo of the blue and yellow works so well! Congrats on your move to Brooklyn--it's such a great town! I know you'll love it here. 

eliza said...

good luck! with the crazy schedule, figuring things out, etc. i like your new purse.

the other emily said...

Thanks Anja - I am definitely looking forward to finding a more steady routine so I can get back to blogging more than once every few weeks!

candace said...

wwhat a cute blog you have here! the theme is super lovely! p.s your outfit is adorable. followed :)
xx, july+after

Devin Law said...

Oh golly, those shoes are so lovely :)

Shybiker said...

Pretty outfit.  I like your style.

Technically, Brooklyn is on Long Island (while claiming to be part of NYC), so we're neighbors!

sartoriography said...

Eh, I don't need full length photos to know you look awesome.  It's basically a given.  :)  I love all the business going on in this outfit- neutral oxfords with stripes and electric blue and tights and a rad bag.  Hired!  

Haylee said...

Those oxfords! Oh. my. gosh. LOVE. Like really, it's a good thing that you live clear clear across the country from me or else you could wake up with those magically gone from your closet.


Sarah Davis said...

The outfit, your hair and the sweet apartment really give me Rosemary's Baby/Mia Farrow vibes. Very nice.

Sarah Davis said...

PS- you might live my post on Rosemary's Baby style here:

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