about me

Hi there. I'm Emily. No, the other one. 

Until recently, I was a nomad, traveling abroad with my boyfriend on a design fellowship in Europe and North Africa. As a lifelong off-again-on-again diarist and avid style blog fan, I started blogging my outfits on our trip as a way to document our travels while trying to make the most of the limited contents of my suitcase. All told, over the course of nine months we set foot in thirty-two cities in fourteen countries that spanned four continents.

We've since set down our suitcases and passports, reunited with our handsome dog, Winston, and moved to Brooklyn. While this represents a huge change for our liftesyle and my personal style - and the other emily - I'm now more excited than ever to see how blogging will help me find endless inspiration hiding in my tiny, tiny, New York City closet.

While the other emily has always been predominantly a style blog, I have also put together a few tutorials, both here and on friends' blogs. I've shown how I style my hair in both a sock bun and in milkmaid braids; posted on how I made an unloved dress into a new favorite skirt in this post; explained my top five traveling wardrobe essentials; and posted my master list of travel packing tips over here on sartoriography.

If you like what you see here, feel free to subscribe to the other emily. You can also find me on twitter, or contact me directly.