July 15, 2009

Getting all tarted up

I swear, not every post title will be a pun! Just most of them.

This citrusy skirt is progressing rapidly - my Thursday deadline may not be totally unreasonable after all. If it turns out well I'll probably do another in a more seasonally versatile print - I was hoping to use this great Marrimekko fabric I bought in Finland, but I don't have nearly enough to do something so dramatically wide-hipped. If only the Emily of 2005 had more foresight! I may still see if I can scale back the fabric demands of the pattern to make it work, otherwise I'll probably just do a slimmer pencil silhouette with it.

My poor floral dress is still not done, it's been pushed aside in favor of prioritizing the citrus. I'm hoping to wear it for a party Sunday though, so it will get its day soon enough. It's tough to pull myself away from my machine every morning to go to work, but maybe I wouldn't be so motivated to make things if my free time weren't so limited. As it is I spend a good deal of my time at work clandestinely sketching out pattern construction issues and working out assembly problems.

My apologies for the bizarre formatting of these last few posts - I'm doing most of my posting via email via my phone, so there's a certain degree of inevitable wonkiness built into that twice-removed system.


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