August 4, 2010

baker's dozen

Remix items: black scoop-neck tee - Urban Outfitters / yellow skirt - self-made from thrifted kitchen curtains / gray flats - Urban Outfitters

Spices: necklace - Anthropologie / belt - thrifted

I've had this shirt for three or four years now, but I only realized this summer that I like it even more worn backwards than forwards. Here you can see it both ways, and it's a great way to squeeze a little more mileage out of thirty items! I have to admit, I'm getting a little claustrophic with my 30, partly because while I've only posted 13 remixes here, I've actually worn more like 25, but for one reason or another haven't been able to take photos daily and so many of them just haven't had their day in the sun yet. There've been a few real winners in there, so I'll just have to endure some repeats in order to keep bringing you guys new remixes. I know, my suffering knows no bounds!

Remix items: black scoop-neck tee - Urban Outfitters / red skirt - self-made from vintage fabric / gray flats - Urban Outfitters

Spices: belt - thrifted / earrings - cheap jewelry store in downtown Boston, probably called "Dazzles"

Per usual, the weekend just flashed by and suddenly I'm in the middle of a busy, busy week. This coming weekend is shaping up to be really great though - on Friday I'm meeting up with some infinitely talented and stylish (seriously, check them out) friends from college to go see YACHT (!) for free (!!) and then go catch a seriously rad looking documentary about this funky parking lot behind (what used to be) the record store in our college town. Sadly, the super cool Plan 9/Satellite Ballroom is now a CVS (wtf, universe??), but the Corner Parking Lot lives on, staffed by weirdos and hipsters.

Of course, a big night out with super-chic* friends I haven't seen in months? I need to come up with an outfit. For reals. One that can be worn to work, and then with minimal adjustments make it through a hot outdoor concert and keep looking good in the cool of an evening at the movies/bar - anyone have any brilliant ideas?

*Seriously, have you checked out chromat yet?? Or metalepsis?? Or upstate??? If you haven't, go do it now.... now do you understand my pain? I am going to have to bring some serious steez to keep up with these gals.

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Emily Marie said...

Do you make all theses skirts from the same pattern?? If so, where can I find it!?!? They look great :)

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