August 4, 2010

one brand wonder

Remix items: white v-neck tee - Forever 21 / black skinnies - Forever 21 / orange flats - Urban Outfitters

Spices: necklaces - Forever 21 / canvas bag - Forever 21

I didn't realize until I was editing this photo that almost every single piece I wore here was from Forever 21, which is odd considering I don't have all that many items from that store. I pretty much only go there for basics - t-shirts and skinny jeans, and one really awesome jacket, make up the vast majority of my F21 wardrobe. This outfit I threw together in a few minutes to go meet some friends for margarita Happy Hour, but despite it's speed and simplicity, I was pretty happy with the outcome.

I've got some more substantial posts in the works for this weekend - I've been tagged by the lovely and stylish Ms. Meek of Blessed are the Meek for a Q&A post, and I've got a lot of remix photos to catch up on. I even have plans in the works for some photoshoots beyond the bounds of my comfy white backgrounds - wild, I know! I'll still keep doing my remix equations, but I'd like to shake it up a little bit.


archives said...

i love the format that you're posting your outfits in!!! so cute. i have an embarrassing number of clothes from F21, too. :/

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