December 28, 2010

neutral territory

Carrer de Ferran, Barcelona
Since I'm now mostly recovered from the food-and-wine overdose that was our Christmas away from home, I wanted to show off my one non-travel-fund gift - this super slick black-on-black bag by Jack Spade, courtesy of fantastic boyfriend. The dipped black canvas and brown handles practically begged to be matched with similarly mixed neutrals, and I was all too happy to oblige yesterday.

This look also gave me an excuse to break out a couple of my favorite jewelry pieces as well. I got this incredible vintage necklace from Christina through her etsy shop this summer, and I love the mix of wood, bone, and gold beads. I definitely tend to gravitate towards earthy materials in my accessories, especially as a way to tie together blacks and browns in an outfit. My thrifted wood and brass bangle is another great earthy piece that I just can't seem to get tired of.
Carrer de Ferran, Barcelonanecklace - vintage, Second Skin Style via etsy / sweater - H&M / wood & brass bangle - vintage, thrifted / bag - Jack Spade, gift from boyfriend / leggings - Style&Co, mommed / boots - Steve Madden
P.S. While I'm obviously enamored with my balcony here, I promise we've been going other places too! I'm still just a little shy about tossing my coat over the nearest fencepost when we're out and about to take a few outfit snaps. We nearly managed it at the aquarium.....

....but I kept just making my FISH FACE!

¡Besos a pescado!


Jessica Bruner said...

I found your blog via Blue Collar Catwalk. I love your style. That necklace is amazing!

emily said...

Thanks Jessica! This necklace is definitely one of my "desert island" picks. I can't believe Christina was willing to sell it - I would have hoarded it on sight!

I think you might have the best blog name of all time - everything is better with tights!

origami said...

Ah, such a simple look...and then that necklace! I love it. Plus, you've totally reminded me to wear my old cognac boots. :)

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