December 30, 2010

custom cut

Jardines de la Ciudadela, Barcelona
necklace - vintage, great grandmother's / trench - H&M / button-down - custom tailored, Shanghai / custom buffalo Larch bag - gift, valhallabrooklyn via etsy / leggings -Target / boots - Steve Madden / sunnies (below) - thrifted
Yesterday's outfit included two of my favorite custom pieces - along with my successful escape from the enticing bounds of my balcony! This sort of tunic-y button-down is one of two I had made for me in China about a year ago. I had a few friends going on a school trip and had heard that it was shockingly inexpensive to have things tailored, so I packed a little bag with a few yards of fabric and this "dress" from AA. I got back two super-cute button-downs with matching sashes for the incredible price of $11 (yes, for both), which I now wear more than the (then $40) original. Of course, only a few short hours after these photos were snapped, I managed to splooch this pink one with a few dime-sized dollops of red wine, but I still have hopes that they'll fade out after a few washes. If not, I can always go to my Rit dye fallback plan...
My beautiful purse wasn't quite as inexpensive, but it has been absolutely worth every penny. If you are ever in the market for a custom leather bag, I highly highly recommend perusing valhallabrooklyn's shop - she makes really gorgeous stuff, and is super helpful and easy to work with in deciding what you're looking for. This bag is huge (read: awesome), incredibly soft, and, well.... it smells fantastic. I've had it for a few months now, and I still have a little bit of a daily pet-and-sniff routine.
Jardines de la Ciudadela, Barcelona
'Oh, is there a crazy dragon thing spitting water over my head? I'm sorry, I was just too busy being cool over here to notice.'

Now I'm off to bed, if those ne'er-do-well kids in the youth hostel across the alley would ever stop playing rowdy drinking games with the windows open.... I am old, y'all.


S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

Of course I love this, but you knew I would! You look so chic and sophisticated! I love the pink-ish hue of the tunic -- it really softens the black leggings and helps (to my eye anyway) them "blend" with the brown boots.

Did your Mr. Man take these, or did you use a tripod?

the other emily said...

The Mister has been sweet enough to take all my photos for me, although I've been pretty frustrated with Blogger for automatically resizing them and making the quality look so bad! I've still got to figure out how to avoid that.

S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

He's a keeper, isn't he ;) To avoid that problem, I've been standardizing the photos ahead of time in Photoshop: after editing, I crop & resize to a standard size (in my case, 900x1000 px, saved for web at 500x556 px), and then upload to Flickr. For whatever reason, this size fits right in between Flickr's standards, so when I select "medium 640," it gives me the html code for the 500x556 native size. This is probably a silly workaround, but consistent photo sizes were important to me (and have other advantages, like doing recap posts and having all the photos be the same size), so it works. It also makes editing more routine, which tends to be faster for me. I don't know if that helps, but that's one potential solution.

the other emily said...

Ha! I had sort of just arrived at the same-ish solution myself! Plus that way I can just upload to one site and plonk my photos down into my flickr groups at the same time - I'm really unreasonably averse to "promoting" my blog in most of the ways I can think of, but I feel a little more ok about trying to snag a few readers that way.

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