January 1, 2011

feliç any nou

Rambla de Catalunya, Barcelona
necklace - vintage, my mom's basement via etsy / dress - vintage, thrifted and hemmed / belt - vintage, thrifted / buffalo Larch bag - custom, valhallabrooklyn via etsy / trench - H&M / tights - mommed, Old Navy / socks - Target / boots - Steve Madden

Or, to those who don't speak Català (ahem, me), "Happy new year!"

Mine was great, although admittedly deficient in the sparkly dress department. The boyfriend and I made a great dinner at home pre-midnight, as is Spanish tradition, then skipped over to nearby Plaça Catalunya to check out the countdown revelry. It was a sort of funny experience - this plaza is sort of Barcelona's Times Square, and over 80,000 people swarm the square every year, but there's not really anything to see. No ball-drop, no big countdown clock, no (sanctioned) fireworks - just thousands of cheery drunks (mostly French tourists). Unfortunately we didn't get to participate in the huge Spanish tradition of eating a grape for each toll of the churchbells at midnight - we meant to pick some up at the grocery store earlier but it was a drunken madhouse and we completely forgot.

Rambla de Catalunya, Barcelona
Today was a sort of enforced lazy day, since almost everything in the city is closed! We did take a long walk this afternoon by a few of Gaudi's more famous buildings, and grabbed a few snaps on the way back. This dress was a last minute addition to my travel wardrobe, I thrifted it in Worcester MA about a week before we left and scrambled to get it hemmed. I always have the best thrifting luck when visiting the boyfriend's family! On the same trip I grabbed another great long-sleeved printed dress and these great sheer navy shorts with little yellow bows printed all over them - sadly they didn't get hemmed in time, so they'll have to wait at least a few months before making their way into regular rotation.

I have to admit, I'm not nuts about this second photo, but I just couldn't resist the adorable kissing photobomb over my shoulder!

Rambla de Catalunya, Barcelona


sartoriography said...

I am bona fide obsessed with this outfit. I have the trench, actually, and strangely have pieces that are like almost all of these, and yet I'm pretty sure I've never looked this cool. Not even once.

I love Barcelona. I've spent random chunks of my life wandering that city and being amazed by how impressive (but, as you said, kind of disorganized and ant-climactic) their public celebrations are. Lucky you, there for New Year's!

emily said...

Oh wow, thank you so much! I actually just started following your blog a few weeks ago after reading about your Midwest Blogger Meet-up on Kyla's, so I'm super extra flattered - and, uh, yes, you always look totally cool :)

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