January 5, 2011

short story

Barrio Gotico, Barcelonared bead necklace - vintage, thrifted* / red chain necklace - vintage, Park Slope flea market / black scoopneck tee (backwards) - UO / trench - H&M / buffalo Larch bag - custom, valhallabrooklyn via etsy / belt - vintage, thrifted / shorts - H&M / leather wrap watch - La Mer / green tights - H&M / gray socks - Target / boots - Steve Madden

I was saying to S (of Narrowly Tailored) the other day that I really ought to start keeping a diary of "Trends I'll Never Wear" - primarily so I can laugh at myself nine months later when I completely reverse my position and refuse to wear anything else. For example: Pointy-toed Shoes, Skinny Jeans, Pants Tucked Into Boots, High-Waisted Anything, Full Skirts, Sheer Tights, Leggings As Pants... I could go on and on, and now you can add "Winter Shorts" to that list. I've been pretty anti-shorts year-round for a very long time, making an incredible concession to a single pair of bermuda-length cutoffs last summer, and yet here I am in January in high-waisted hotpants. I'd always felt that shorts overwhelmingly favored those of a longer, leaner body type, but I have to admit it - I love these. I tried them out on a whim at H&M the other day, and I immediately thought of six or seven ways to work them into my travel wardrobe on the spot. For such a small garment, they seem to pack an impressive remix punch, and give me a good excuse to get more wears out of my tights and belts.

I picked up these tights at the same time. One of the few garments I left behind that I've really been missing is a good army green jacket. The boyfriend likes to make fun of me about this.... but I have three. In an extremely neutral-heavy wardrobe (hey, I'm an architect, ok?), olive drab is by far my favorite neutral. It looks good with absolutely everything else in my wardrobe - pink! navy! offwhite! black! gold! - but unfortunately I couldn't really justify the suitcase space for more than one lightweight jacket, and my trusty trench just seemed a little more practical (something about not having cropped sleeves). Still, I've particularly been missing the color, and when I saw these tights for sale I grabbed them without hesitation. I couldn't wait to debut both purchases, so I kept the rest of the look pretty simple, with my old standbys of backwards black tee and layered red necklaces to pull it all together.

Barrio Gotico, Barcelona
Despite having now worn this outfit two days in a row (What? No one knows me here!), it's a miracle these photos even got taken. The boyfriend and I dilly-dallied around this afternoon until I suddenly realized it was starting to get dark. We zipped out into one of the many tiny, picturesque alleyways near our flat in the Barrio Gotico, I handed off my coat and got posing - only to nearly get bowled over by a pickpocket fleeing his victims! I tried to grab him but he shook me off, boyfriend gave serious chase (camera in hand!), but we lost him and his pursuers around a corner after only a few moments. I wish my reaction time had been better, and I really hope he was caught. Hopefully that will be our closest brush with crime on this trip!

 *By my mom, when I was about four. Yeah, I kept my dress-up jewelry..... jealous?


Molly said...

I'm a recent winter weight shorts convert too! Your tights have inspired me to try out that color! Love them.

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

S. said...

You look fabulous in these! I've only braved the wintershorts once, but I'm starting to love them, even if I feel a little like I belong in a slightly sketchy Sailor Moon spinoff when I wear them.

PS: the red necklace totally makes this outfit!
PPS: funny you should mention green army jackets...

origami said...

Sounds very exciting and yes, hopefully the only brush with crime you'll have.

I absolutely adore the combo of the red necklace and olive tights. And those boots! Fantastic. I'd love to try the winter shorts look but I'm not quite brave enough. And 8/10 of the pairs I see have pleats, of which I am not enamored, hahaha. They look great on others but just don't work for me.

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