January 9, 2011

fit to print

Plaça de Colón, Barcelona
Plaça de Colón, Barcelona
vintage brass whistle necklace - MyMomsBasement via etsy / vintage wrap "dress" - TimeEchoVintage via etsy / leather belt - vintage, thrifted / wood & brass bangle - vintage, thrifted / trench (below) - H&M / buffalo Larch bag - custom, valhallabrooklyn via etsy / tights - Target / boots - Steve Madden

On our third trip to the post office HQ here in Barcelona, we finally succeeded in retrieving the clothes I left behind in Madrid! And this dress was far and away the garment I'd forgotten that was most important to me. I absolutely love the colors and the crazy pseudo-tribal print, and now that it's one of the only two (two? What was I thinking??) dresses I have, I'm looking forward to dreaming up inventive new ways to wear it. It's not even really a dress, but a very large, long vest. So far I've only worn it as you see here, wrapped across itself in front and belted - although now that I see it in photos, I'm not sure the wide shoulders and blousy top are doing me too many favors, so I think I'll invest a little time in experimenting with ways to make it fit a little more closely. I think it also may be time to do something about that out-of-control fringe....

Of course, I can't help but think (as always) that the thing that's really missing here is an army jacket.... but for now I'll have to settle for the awesomeness that is the leopard lining on my trusty trench.

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S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

This "dress" is great, and I'm so glad you've finally gotten your stuff back! Thanks for installing disqus, by the way :)

I'd love to see this dress layered over some warm, neutral layers (or even another shade of yellow), or perhaps under a belted cardigan? I know that's my solution to everything, but just a thought ...

roxanns said...

There are so many dress things about this outfit! I love the marriage of black and brown and the hint of leopard hidden below your coat.

emily said...

Yeah, I definitely like the disqus comments more than blogger's - although now *every* new comment I get is booted into blogger's spam folder, ugh.

Will definitely have to experiment more with layering this dress up. I realized the other day that I only brought one really belt-able cardigan, so that's definitely a major hole in the travel wardrobe.

emily said...

Thanks! I am pretty sure I started breathing heavily once I saw this dress on etsy, the colors and the print were just so perfect.

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