January 6, 2011


Espigó del Gas, Barcelona
Espigó del Gas, Barcelonaearrings - Boston street vendor / cashmere cardigan - Cynthia Rowley via Marshall's / pink tank - Anthropologie / leather wrap watch - La Mer / skinny jeans - H&M / canvas flats - UO

Another day of enforced relaxation! After breakfast we took a walk over to the main post office headquarters to finally retrieve the clothes I left in Madrid, only to find them closed! Turns out January 6th is Día de Reyes, or Epiphany Day, which is a Spanish national holiday. Oh well - I guess I'll have to just keep waiting for the rest of clothes!

We ended up taking a walk down to the beaches along Barceloneta - it was super warm, so I actually got to leave my coat at home. I'm still struggling a little with how to wear this cardigan - I've tried belting it with one of my skinny belts, but I feel like that makes the silhouette a little too puffy above and below. I've worn it open, but then I worry that the length is a little overwhelming for a shorty like myself. In a perfect world (one in which my wardrobe is infinite), I think I'd try restyling this sweater under one of my army jackets (sigh), with a medium-width braided leather belt on top, skinnier black pants, and maybe some heels or booties. What do you guys think? Is there a way to wear something this oversized and cuddly while still maintaining some kind of shape?

Espigó del Gas, Barcelona
And as a callback to my professional life, there's Gehry's Peix! His first complex curve project! Precursor to Bilbao! ......yeah, I'm a dork.


S. said...

I think this sweater is darling! What do you think about pinning the open bottom ends together behind you, to make it a little more cocoon like, and then leaving it open? Historiadora said something to me the other day about needing to sometimes let oversized knits be oversized knits, and I think she was on to something...

emily said...

Oooh, I like this idea. I'd only been thinking of how to manage all that fluffy volume in the front, I'll have to try shifting some of it to the back.

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