January 16, 2011

lost weekend

I haven't managed to take any outfit photos over the last couple of days (in part because I've only technically managed to dress myself). We've pretty much spent the weekend in jammies, playing cards, reading books, brainstorming architecture projects, and now watching a little football. We did venture outside successfully for coffee and croissants, and unsuccessfully for groceries. Tomorrow I will be forced to do a little shopping, as the heels on my boots are in desperate need of repair and I need to find a wearable replacement for my gray flats pronto. Oh, right, and we still need food. I guess that's important too.

The super-stylish Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk was sweet enough to include me today in her new Blue Collar Collective feature, and the lovely Ms. Wiley of wily wiley praised my new cat print obsession shirt in her post on interwebs inspiration - thank you to both of these awesome bloggers, and to new readers of the other emily, welcome!

I'm off to curl up on the couch, drifting off to the soothing sounds of color commentary on Bill Belichick's coaching strategy, but I'll leave you with some evidence that my new jetset lifestyle isn't totally perfect - here's the guy I'm missing:

Best. Grad school. Buddy. Ever.


Archives said...

SO CUTE. i would be heartbroken if i were separated from my little pup for any length of time! :(

emily said...

Yeah, I really can't recommend it - I get sort of glassy-eyed every time I see a dog on the street. At least while we are gone, he gets to have a great time tearin' it up with my parents' dog. I am certain they are teaching each other all their worst habits....

wily wiley said...

thank you for the thank you, emily! i am completely obsessed with following your voyage now. so glad i found you!

emily said...

Well I'm very glad to have you along :)
And fortunately we're moving on to new exciting destinations this week - I am definitely ready to get moving again!

S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

just saying: i miss winston, too!

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