January 4, 2011

seeing red

THE WOLVESI wish I could fly in 2011colorfull
Peacock so make a wish and hold on tight
Fringe Fest Din Don RED'LOVE
Top Row: Ellie J., Junko S., & AnneMiek 
Center Row: Emma N. & Coury C. 
Bottom Row: Pax I., Frankie V., & Daniela D.
All photos from lookbook.nu, click an image or name to visit sources. 

I was all set to title this post "red letter day," but that just couldn't be farther from the truth. The day started off well enough - finally got the iphone alarm working again, so I didn't sleep overly late. Put on a shiny new outfit that I'd planned out last night, and was even more pleased with it in reality than on paper. Went out for cafe con leche and a croissant with the boyfriend at a relaxed place down the street. 

Unfortunately, things kind of took a turn for the worse after that..... we were expecting cloudy weather, so we'd been planning on staying in and working on laptops for the day. The weather looked a little more favorable than expected, so we decided to skip on over to the Sagrada Familia instead. At the last second, I panicked that my very cute planned outfit maybe wasn't quite cathedral appropriate, so I slapped on some random assortment of sweater-pants-sneakers, forgetting that these particular stupid pants don't have belt loops and don't really stay put. Oof. I was uncomfortable for the rest of the day - and on top of that, we got to the cathedral right at peak time, mid-afternoon, and after surveying the 1.5hr+ line, decided to save our visit for another day after all. Instead we walked around the grounds of a nearby (still-operational) historic hospital, which left me feeling kind of ooky - I am in all honesty pretty squicked out by hospitals. The last time I went (to visit my mom after a minor surgery), I ended up feeling like I was going to faint. 

So all of that, on top of the fact that we sort of skipped lunch, left me feeling pretty off by the end of the afternoon, and we never got around to taking new photos. (Don't worry - I promise there will be plenty more opportunities to marvel at my "got dressed in the dark" styling in the future.) I have much higher hopes for tomorrow - and I will definitely be putting back on that cute outfit from the better part of this morning.

On a brighter note (har har), I have decided that there is a serious lack of bright, tomato red in wardrobe at the moment, so I spent a little time on lookbook.nu searching for inspiration. I have a long history of near-misses with finding "the perfect red ____," so it's no surprise the color's back on my radar. I particularly love an orangey shade of red with warm neutrals like camel or fur, and I think it looks killer with dirty blond hair - another shade that I think is definitely in my not-too-distant future.


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