January 3, 2011

features & hiccups

The awesome Meggy D of Chasing Davies was sweet enough to feature me on her blog today as one of her "Favorite Blogger Outfits!"

I'm so, so flattered - and it's funny, I've had those OTK gray socks for almost two months at this point, but New Year's Day was the first time I actually felt brave enough to wear them out and about! For some reason, over-the-knee styles have just always seemed too 'sexy' for me - my, ahem, figure, has changed a lot over the last year or two, and between that and rejoining the workforce last summer, I've gotten pretty wary of trends or silhouettes that seem too come-hither. It's like now that the ol' bod is more voluptuous, I've got to tone my style down a bit to keep my look from being completely over-the-top. However, having taken the over-the-knee plunge, I am definitely never looking back! These socks kept me nice and toasty, and I love that they give me another way to sneak another tone or color into an otherwise simple outfit.

I also want to thank Meggy D for alerting me to a big problem here at the other emily. She was resourceful enough to contact me through my etsy shop to let me know that the comment form on the blog hasn't been working - yikes! Turns out that shiny new template I started using earlier this week has a few bugs to work out yet. I've since switched the comment form to a pop-up, so all should be operational once again.

I've also added a "contact" link at the bottom of my "about me" page, so if you ever want to contact me directly, or report any problems with viewing or commenting on my blog posts, please just shoot me an email!


dotty said...

i started following your blog last summer and it's great to see that you're back!

your traveling outfits are fantastic!

the other emily said...

Thanks so much Dotty! I'm so glad you stuck around despite my rather extended hiatus :)

Chasing Davies said...

Aw, thanks Emily for the shout out. I'm happy to be commenting here now!! :) Love your blog!

S. said...

I was hoping you and Dotty were or would become bloggy friends, as fellow stylish architects -- so glad you've found each other!

I agree (what a shock!) with your observations about the correlation between our (non-neutral) bodies and whether or not we think trends "work" for us. The fact that trends come to us mediated through a universe of women who may or may not look anything like us factors in to this weird distancing, as well. I'm glad you've taken the OTK plunge -- these look fabulous on you, and not at all too come-hither (though IMHO, without tights, they are a little scary to me).

PS: you look awesome! Seriously!

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