January 12, 2011

fancy jedi

Carrer de Ferran, Barcelona
Carrer de Ferran, Barcelona
poodle(!) brooch - vintage/DIY / cardigan - Cynthia Rowley via Marshall's / leather belt - vintage, thrifted / leggings - Zara / socks - Target / boots - Steve Madden

Truth: this is not what I started out wearing today. I started out wearing something kind of bleh, something I felt guilty about not wearing on the trip (much) or on the blog (at all). I tried to dress it up with my favorite thrifted silk scarf, but it was still... bleh. A perfectly serviceable outfit. Covered everything that needed covering, stood up to the harsh demands of going out for coffee and working on the laptop. Just uninspired.

Fortunately, when we came back from coffee and a leisurely walk, the apartment smelled bad. Like, seriously funky. Apparently something we'd left in the kitchen trash overnight was displeased with being unrefrigerated. So we opened the doors to our balcony to air things out, I got chilly... and then the magic happened. I put on my cozy cashmere Snuggie cardigan, started playing around with it, and I happened upon a new way to wear it that I love. I immediately swapped out my (in all honesty, pretty stretched out) jeggings and flats for leggings and boots and - voila. Fancy Jedi.

Am I wrong? Does this not look like what the chicest residents of the ice planet Hoth will all be wearing next season? It does. But they don't have a fancy ceramic poodle brooch with which to clasp their cashmere tunics.

Rad poodle
That's right, I said, "fancy ceramic poodle brooch." What.


HautePinkPretty said...

I love this look! Definitely a chic fancy jedi with a great knack for accessorizing ;) BTW I'm smitten with your cardigan and the boots are perfect!


emily said...

Thanks! There's just something about a long-sleeved tunic with any kind of high collar that just seems so.... retro futuristic? Sort of a Logan's Run thing I guess :)

Jessica Bruner said...

Love this outfit! The cardigan is very chic.

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