January 7, 2011

up & coming

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

sunglasses - thrifted / necklace - LES flea market / button-down - vintage, thrifted / blazer - Anthropologie / belt - vintage, thrifted / leather wrap watch - La Mer / trench - H&M / denim leggings - Target / boots - Steve Madden

We finally made it to the Sagrada Familia today - and we only had to wait in line twice! On our first try, the line was pretty long, so Boyfriend asked if I minded holding our place in the queue while he ran around and took pictures for ten minutes or so. I told him, of course not! And he promptly disappeared for over half an hour. Whoops. I got to the head of line and still saw no sign of him, so I started waving people on in front of me. Soon enough, I had let so many people go by that it wasn't clear to anyone that I'd ever been in line at all! So once he reappeared (and apologized profusely), we ended up just walking back around and queuing up all over again. Fortunately, for such a long line it did move pretty quickly, so we didn't lose too much time on the second go-around.

The cathedral itself was sort of strange for me - I'd been there once before, about five years ago, and they have done a huge amount of construction since then. The last time I came, the whole interior was unfinished and still semi-outdoor, which actually felt a little bit more spiritually inspiring to me - but then, I guess I am a little biased toward construction sites.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
We took a few quick pictures in front of the doors of the cathedral - we practically had to get in another line to take photos! There were tons of people trying to edge past one another (and us!) to get snaps in front of these great doors, but no one else had quite such a good photographer as I have.

Oh! And one other sort of cool thing happened today - check this out:

No, not the ad for a Swedish gambling site (although, by all means, check them out - but I get 10% of your winnings) - that's the "Streetstyle" category page on bloglovin.com. Keep scrolling down.

Yeah, um... keep scrolling....

There it is! My little blog is currently #10 on bloglovin's list of "Up & Coming" streetstyle blogs! It turns out I am, in fact, 'up and coming.' (Although I'm not sure why they are under-counting my followers through their own website, but whatever.) So that was a neat little surprise this afternoon - and of course, if you'd like to follow the other emily on bloglovin' and you aren't already, you can click here to subscribe.


loveandpeaceF said...

I love this outfit! The coral color shirt looks great on you!

dotty said...

i went to the sagrada familia four years ago, so i haven't seen it all enclosed yet, but i've seen photos and would love to go back!

anyway, congrats on being up and coming!

emily said...

It was neat to go back, but the experience of visiting is sooo different now - everything's much more supervised, so it seems like there are fewer opportunities to sneak off and find neat little undiscovered corners. You also have to buy a separate ticket to go up in the towers, which I don't remember being the case before, and it seemed like there were many, many more visitors this time around - although that could just be the cumulative experience of waiting in line twice :)

emily said...

Thanks! I absolutely love this shirt, it's super comfy and I love the print, but I have a little bit of hard time styling it because it's a bit too big. This was my first time layering it under something a little more fitted and I really like how it worked out!

sartoriography said...

Congrats on being up and coming! That's quite a good phrase to have attached to your name. ;)

I love Gaudi and his bizarre self. I also saw Sagrada Familia when it was under construction and I agree- there's something about its informality and hidden angles- angels? :) - that make it mysterious and beautiful.

I'm digging the belted cardigan for cathedral touring. You look cool, but like you're serious about your architecture gazing. Nothing says serious like a belted cardigan. :)

emily said...

Ha, thanks - I'm pretty sure bloglovin' just has some algorithm that determines that list by merging posts-per-week with an uptick in followers, but hey, I will definitely take it :)

I am all about the belted cardigans, but I foolishly only brought this one on my trip! At some point I will need to put together a longer post about packing lessons learned - I have no idea what I was thinking when I chose what to bring!

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