January 24, 2011


Rio Guadalquivir, Sevilla
Rio Guadalquivir, Sevilla
Rio Guadalquivir, Sevilla
yellow scarf - gift / navy parka - UO / red beaded necklace - childhood dress-up box / red chain necklace - vintage, Park Slope flea market / gray drapey sweater - H&M / buffalo Larch bag - custom, valhallabrooklyn via etsy / overdyed skinnies - Zara / gray canvas Cordones - Toms

I have a confession to make: I am a total fair-weather dresser. I have one freaking day of gloomy weather in Seville and I instantly go to my dark neutrals, oversized-sweater-plus-skinnies comfort zone. It's not that I think I looked especially bad, but my outfit definitely did nothing to combat the blah-ness of the weather.

I like this sweater a lot, but I think I need to find some more inventive ways to remix it - especially with Kendi's next 30 for 30 coming up. I'm determined to actually, you know, um.... finish this one, so I need to get myself in gear for some serious remixing magic. Fortunately I'll be getting a package in a few weeks, full of all the closet gems that didn't make it into the bag on the first-go round and have had me slapping my forehead ever since. (Say it with me... what was I thinking?) I also bit the bullet this morning and "retired" (i.e., shipped home, or in some cases plain threw out) a bunch of items that I haven't been getting much use out of, and I'm sure there will need to be additional edits once the 'new' stuff arrives. I'll be working with an ever-more-limited wardrobe in the meantime, but the upside is that now my back shouldn't hurt so badly on moving days.


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