January 17, 2011

retirement party

 Carrer de Ferran, 17 Enero
Carrer de Ferran, 17 Enero
silk scarf - vintage, thrifted / vintage brass whistle necklace - MyMomsBasement via etsy / blue v-neck - Forever 21 / leather wrap watch - La Mer / black pants - H&M / canvas flats - UO / trench - H&M

This silk scarf is another winner from the Salvation Army in Worcester Mass. There are many thrift stores that I don't have much luck shopping in as the merchandise is all too recent and low-quality for my tastes, but I always manage to leave the SA in Worcester with at least one bag of treasure (see also this dress, this skirt). This scarf was a major mainstay for me when it came time to transition my school wardrobe into something more professional. It was both an easy way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit, and it was a lifesaver in transforming the deep-V necklines of grad school* to something a little more work appropriate. It seems a little ironic therefore that wearing it always makes me feel a little like Joan Holloway, especially over a jewel-toned top and layered with a long necklace like my whistle pendant.

Silk scarf
This outfit has actually ended up being the final send-off for my gray canvas flats. I have a particular talent for wearing down the heels of my shoes (put that on a resume!), and these guys are pretty much toast. Fortunately I found a (much more durable, and cheaper) replacement this afternoon.

I've added a new page to the blog called in the bag - I've listed every item of clothing I have with me on my trip, and I'll keep this list updated with links to posts showing how I've remixed each item. While it might be of only passing interest to you, I am hoping that keeping this list will be indispensable for me as a way to keep track of which pieces I'm getting a lot of remix mileage out of and which have turned out to be dead suitcase weight. Check it out if you're interested - it truly does all fit in a single checked bag.
Edit: I have also updated my blogroll - I have started reading many more great blogs recently and wanted to share them!

*As architecture students, we were much less expected to look 'professional' as we were expected to look 'hip.'


Archives said...

i also wear out the soles of my shoes! in record time. guess that makes us heavy steppers?? love your necklace as well! :)

dotty said...

thanks for the add on your blogroll! and your outfit is totally making me want to bust out some scarves!

p.s. i was at my boyfriend's final review last semester and there was a critic in an irridesent purple suit. not exactly professional. also, not exactly hip. but very shiny nonetheless.

emily said...

It's crazy, it's as if I only walk on the very back, outside edge of all of my shoes. Clearly it's because we have perfected transitioning the runway stomp into everyday life :)

emily said...

Incidences of scarf-ing tend to climb dramatically for me as I get closer and closer to laundry day and I have fewer choices about the rest of my outfit :)

Karim Rashid, perhaps? There are always a few standouts in the sea of undifferentiated black Prada. One of the things I loved most about my thesis advisor was her insane fashion sense - lots of crazy semi-ethnic-print wide leg silk pants, always paired with an LLBean backpack. Of course, she was a landscape architect so she was doing well just avoiding the Tevas-and-fleece uniform :)

tastymoog said...

I recently found your blog. Do you write about design here as well? Is there an entry 'round here that describes your design fellowship? I'd love to hear more about it (I'm not an architect, I just work in the industry and date one, heh). Sorry, I haven't played around much with your archiving tags, so I hope I am not missing something obvious!

emily said...

Nope, not missing a thing :)

I don't really write about design here at all - it's actually one of the two reasons I called my blog "the other emily" in the first place. The fellowship is actually my boyfriend's (I'm just a freeloader), and while I've agreed to protect his semi-secret identity on the blog, if you'd like you can email me and I can give you more info about the fellowship stuff.

rlutz71 said...

I love that you layered that cool pendant over that fun scarf...great idea!

emily said...

Thanks! It's actually super helpful in keeping the scarf in place - and the whistle works, in case of water safety emergencies or lost dogs :)

Katie said...

I LOVE the SA in Worcester! I used to go there all the time. The SA where I live now is rubbish, so I'm happy that someone else out there is still enjoying the Worcester goodies.

origami said...

That scarf is lovely! I took a look at your "in the bag" post and out of curiosity - how large is your bag/suitcase? Whenever I travel I inevitably bring things I don't need and waste space - but you seem to have a pretty good variety. :)

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