July 31, 2010

The T-Shirt, and an interlude featuring woodland animals

Remix items: gray v-neck tee - American Apparel / red skirt - self-made from vintage fabric / gray flats - Urban Outfitters

Spices: belt - thrifted / earrings - H&M

This shirt is so ubiquitous, I feel like I should simply refer to it as The T-Shirt. It must be the single best-selling item from American Apparel. I see it, on others, on blogs, or on myself, almost daily, and I think every one of my female friends has it, and a few of the guys do too. I know it's in Tania of What Would a Nerd Wear's 30x30 too - anyone else remixing The T-Shirt?

Prepare to see an awful lot of this skirt too. It was once part of an enormous, boxy dress, but last weekend I whipped out the scissors and wound up with a cute, boxy blouse and this, the mother of all loud skirts. I haven't even finished hemming the thing properly and I've already worn it thrice - thrice! I'm even wearing it right now, although this remix is from a week ago. I love the breezy rayon and the deep pockets, but it's that nutso print that keeps me coming back for more.


So I just took a little break from writing this here post (blogging is exhausting stuff, people) because there was a seriously cute chipmunk on our patio. He kept creeping up to the glass door and peeking in, so I had to go sit on the floor by the door and watch his antics for a while. He hopped around like a Disney creature for a few minutes, no doubt waiting for me to break into song as the orchestra swelled fantastically in the background, but I failed to deliver, so he scooted into a nearby bush in a huff. I waved a tiny goodbye, and that's when I noticed the three guys in the parking lot, just standing there, looking at my patio like there was a crazy lady in the window or something. If I had to hazard a guess, it was probably because of the skirt.


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