July 23, 2010

five alive!

Remix items: striped blouse - thrifted / skirt - Urban Outfitters / flats - Urban Outfitters

Spices: necklace - Anthropologie / belts - thrifted / goofy face - new photographer

This is the first of many catch-up posts to follow, in what I'm guessing will become a regular(ish) pattern of past-tense blogging. I wore this one last Saturday for a day of thrifting in Trenton. I have a pretty established strategy when it comes to thrifting - wear slip-on shoes, a skirt (in case there's no dressing room and you've got to shimmy into something out in the open), and always carry cash. I checked out a couple of thrifts I hadn't been to before, and was rewarded most handsomely. I've actually decided to swap a few of my new finds into my 30x30 lineup and eliminate some items I haven't worn yet - I know, I'm a rebel.

Last weekend I also boldly began a new phase in the life of ye olde (newe) blog - I enlisted the boyfriend to be my photographer! As a result, photos of me will be sharper, have better contrast, and probably involve more embarrassing facial expressions. Photos of the clothes will remain crappy, because I took those in advance and can't be bothered to reshoot/re-Photoshop.

The new job is going well, but the commuting schedule is definitely a killer. I got a little bit of a break today since I get a couple of wisdom teeth yanked this morning. Clearly not the most fun for a Friday, but I had my lower ones out years ago so having just the tops out wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. I forgot how unpleasant a mouth full of gauze is though, yeesh. At least this time around I don't have to fuss with antibiotics and painkillers though, just regular old Ibuprofen and ice packs.


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