July 9, 2010

date not

Remix items: men's button-down - thrifted / skinny jeans - H&M / espadrille wedges - thrifted

Spices: earrings - vintage, thrifted in Denmark / belt - Frye, thrifted / envelope clutch - vintage, thrifted / sad face - date night, cancelled

Today's outfit! Present tense! Catch-up complete!

Small victories.

I wore this exact outfit about two weeks ago to a dinner party - I like that it's almost monochrome, so the salmon espadrilles really pop, and I love any excuse to wear these earrings. Usually I'm more of a necklace girl, but I got these earrings at a little vintage store near my school in Copenhagen five years ago and I still love them. They're shell, so they're not too heavy, but they're perfectly jingly and dramatic, and exceedingly sexy with a bare shoulder. I didn't want to overdo it here, just an outfit for going to get some ice cream with the boy. The long face is because he called right before I took these - working late, so no date tonight. Oh well. At least I'll look hot walking the pup, even if my posture does make me look a bit preggo.

If you haven't already, you should check out Kendi's blog by clicking the banner below. She's the original (and still the best) 30x30-er.

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Lisa said...

Great outfit! I love how the shoes pop. I also love how you're doing your 30x30 pictures. I'm doing the challenge too, but I'm not nearly as talented with my pictures as you are.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Great looks so far. Love the way you have edited these the pictures are great wish I knew how to do that with mine!
I just joined the challenge so thought I would swing by and say hi!

Daisy Dayz Home

Cher said...

I love this outfit, the espadrilles and the belt give it a great pop of color.

livin wide said...

how in the world do you edit the pictures to look like that?? great job/blog! following.

Anonymous said...

*SO* glad I found your blog via Kendi! you're so awesome. :) I'm loving this!!!

<3 kp

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Anonymous said...

The way you present your outfit is so cute! I love the little equations. Is that button down denim? If so, great denim-on-denim look!

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