July 26, 2010

my, what big teeth you don't have

....or, "What to Wear to Your Double Extraction."

Remix items: striped tee - Urban Outfitters / floral skirt - thrifted / tan flats - Old Navy

Spices: belt - thrifted / frozen corn, edamame - Wegmans

This wasn't my most exciting remix yet, but I think I have a pretty good excuse for being a bit under-accessorized - my instructions from the oral surgeon even prohibited wearing nail polish to my appointment, much less any jewelry or makeup. Still, this was my first foray into the stripes with florals trend, and while I played it a little on the safe side, I have to say I was pretty happy with the results. In truth, this outfit was mostly dictated by comfort. I wanted to wear something that still felt pulled together for being out in the world, but would stand up to a day spend curled up on the couch with Netflix and an ice pack. The whole wisdom tooth bit wasn't too bad though - certainly expensive, but it could have been much more of an ordeal than it was. Aside from the actual extraction, I haven't really had any pain or swelling, and I've pretty much been able to eat normal food after that first day. No puffy face or nausea-inducing painkillers this time.


KT said...

OUCH! Hope you feel better soon and the swelling goes down.

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