July 9, 2010


Remix items: black tank - Old Navy (clearance!) / floral skirt - thrifted / black sandals - Ross
Spices: belt - thrifted / painted bangle - had it since I was four / pedicure - Revlon Craving Coral

Bang! I wasn't kidding about playing catch-up. This skirt is definitely a new go-to for me this summer, the fabric is a super lightweight, floaty rayon, so even though it's a little on the longer side for me, it's still nice and breezy for hot days. The bracelet I really have had since I was four, and while I can't say for sure where it came from, it's almost a lock that my mom thrifted it for me to play dress up with. She used to buy me all kinds of "finery" at the thrift store - mostly lacy camisoles and sequined evening blouses that I wore as dresses - that I would insist on wearing to preschool on a daily basis. Apparently the teachers repeatedly sent notes home asking that my parents not bring me to school in such "nice clothes" since all I did was play in the mud and ruin them - little did they know that my mom was getting me that stuff by the $1 bagful just so I could do as I pleased.

I've actually been secretly working on this 30 for 30 challenge for a few days now. There have been a number of things getting in the way of putting this up here and on flickr, not least of which has been my somewhat time-consuming image-processing... process. It takes a while to clean these puppies up and put them on a white background, but I do it to hide two major shortcomings of my photos. Basically, I have no tripod (#1), and I don't know how to use a decent camera (#2). You would think neither of these would pose a problem, since I have a darling boyfriend (#1, solved!) who rocks general socks with his SLR (#2, solved!). But, alas, I am (embarrassingly enough) a little embarrassed to ask for his help with this bloggy thing just yet. Sheepish, if you will. So for now, I take all my pictures with my wussy little point and shoot, and photos of myself I take indoors with a self-timer with the camera propped up on a bookcase. Not exactly a recipe for great photos. So I'm covering for my weak-photo-sauce by making their presentation super stylized. Pretty slick, huh? Well, it was, until I pointed out said weak-photo-sauce. Damn.


Anonymous said...

I do love your unique style of presenting your photos, it makes your blog different from all the others I read.
You will have to practice your poses so you know what looks best and then ask the BF to take your photos :)

( I am a fellew 30 for 30 blessmeek.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

Your outfit posts are so interesting!

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