August 24, 2011

color therapy

necklace - vintage, thrifted / silk blouse - Express, thrifted / watch - Arkanoplatz flea market, Berlin / jeans - Uniqlo / suede heels - UO / lipstick - Revlon Moon Drops in Orange Flip / polish  - Essie Meet Me at Sunset (red-orange) & Super Bossa Nova (fuscia)

Since getting back from our trip, I have spent almost all of my waking hours sitting at a desk, staring at a laptop and working on a portfolio to bring to job interviews. It is stressful, time-consuming work, made all the more frustrating by my discovery of just how bad I've been about documenting my professional work over the years. This morning I found myself feeling totally overwhelmed by my growing to-do list - on top of this portfolio, I owe a former professor some copy for a book, need to finish a few guest posts I promised to write ages ago, am itching to do a some design work here on the blog, and have a whole heap of emails and comments to respond to (something I am pathetically slow about in even the best of times) - and I realized I badly needed to step back and re-center myself.

Tania talked in her post today about the influence getting 'dressed' can have on our professional performance, and she couldn't be more right; I made myself take a break, swapped my yoga pants for jeans and a new-to-me silk button-down (admittedly a very wrinkly one, as I have yet to wash it - gross, I know), and even took a minute to paint my nails. These heels were conveniently sitting next to my desk (I just ordered their colorful cousins and needed to check the size), so I added them for an extra 'fancy' touch. I felt miles better after spending just a few minutes on myself, and while I still have quite lot still to do on my list, at least my nails are brightening up my keyboard a bit.


dellagraceslife said...

Isn't it odd how even the simplest act, like nail painting, can transform a day? Assuredly, not drastically, but enough? 

I'm so guilty of not always washing thrifted purchases...I can't help it, I just want to wear it NOW. 

Elaine Hearn said...

A good reminder that we all need to take a breath and take care of ourselves once in a while!

Don't forget about my email............... ;););) No pressure.........................

the other emily said...

Haha, I am definitely impatient about wearing new purchases too. I am pretty good if it's something I can machine wash, but hand wash and dry-clean-only stuff? There's pretty much no hope that I'll wait to clean it! :)

the other emily said...

Not to worry, I haven't forgotten - my reply has been about 80% done for over a week now, I just need to wrap it up already and send it to you tonight! :)

Louise, Raspberries In Winter said...

Your hair looks so pretty in these photos! And I really like the gold necklace. Tania was totally right about the dressing for the job. It really does help!

Rachel said...

I love how your lipstick matches your nail polish... it's the little things. :) -Rachel (

Hannah said...

Are those heels comfortable? I'm considering ordering them, but I a bit (very) clumsy in heels unless they're sturdy and comfy :)

sartoriography said...

You look gorgeous and very, very productive!  I often make myself get dressed, even when I don't want to, so I feel like I'm "at work" (you know, student work) and you and T are right, it can sometimes make all the difference.

I have the green version of those shoes and I love them!  Can't wait to see you rocking the others w the blue dress!!!

academiaemily said...

I'm sorry you've been stressed out. I agree that wearing the right clothes can help you feel better though. One time I wore leopard print heels to a job interview, even though they weren't my most professional, because they made me feel confident. (And I got the job, so apparently they worked.) I think you look fabulous in this outfit. I love the bright blue shirt with the bright red lips.

Khara said...

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Learned Lady said...

I love that you are color blocking - on your nails! Lovely bright touch. So important to take a few minutes for ourselves sometimes :)

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

wow, you look awesome! The jeans are so cool and fit you perfectly. Loving the shirt in this wrinkled form, I hate ironing and it actually looked like it was intended! 
No worries, girl, you will manage it all! Having some issues sometimes as well, being overwhelmed, but you will manage, I swear. Just take a deep breath and go for it one day at a time!

Os Melo said...

I loved the nails, small changes save the day.Good weekend for you.kissesNai Melo

dellagraceslife said...

Yeah, if I can toss it in the washer, it get's washed. But otherwise...well, febreeze works well. ;)

Caitlin said...

Your bright red lipstick is amazing against your gorgeous blue blouse! Loving the kitten heels with the skinny jeans too. A wonderful look on you! 

Seynina said...

wow, you are so nice with this outfit !!

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S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

I love how different a look this is for you, and how much you're rocking it! 

Okay, and I totally also bought these shoes in red. Sorry!

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