August 4, 2011

la vie bohème

earrings - handmade by Carie of Pretty Little Mountains, won in giveaway / chambray shirt - Banana Republic, thrifted / purse - Athens tourist shop / belt - vintage, thrifted / skirt - altered from a dress, UO / Berber bracelet - gift from Tunisia / sneakers - Target / polish - Rimmel #310, Sunset Orange 

After a blessedly uneventful travel day yesterday, we are now happily settled into our new, Bohemian (har har) home - Prague! While our long stay in Berlin was wonderful, allowing us the luxury of time to explore the city and even begin to feel like quasi-locals, there is still a definite thrill that comes with arriving in a new country, with a new currency and language, new sights to see, and in this case, perhaps even a few new beers to sample down by the riverfront.

When deciding what to wear to explore a new city, generally the first thing I pick out is a pair of shoes. It's essential to wear something comfortable enough for a lot of walking, and since today's forecast called for rain, I went with these reasonably quick-drying canvas sneakers. I didn't quite know what to pair them with at first - I tend to wear them most often with skinny jeans, but with the cooler temperatures of the last week I've grown a little weary of pants, and the high humidity of the morning seemed to call for something lighter - but then I remembered this outfit of Jen's that I pinned ages ago, and immediately reached for my chambray shirt and a bright coral skirt. Looking at it now, it's funny just how faithfully I recreated the details of her outfit, right down to the cross-body bag and the silver bracelets.


Those Tricks said...

Congrats on the new hometown.
Can't wait to learn more about Prague through your blog!!

clara said...

i love prague! the crown feels like monopoly money and the castle is gorgeous.
coincidentally i also love your nails. what color are they?

xx clara

paige/barefootandvintage said...

very the skirt - great color and cut!
hope you're having a great time exploring your new home.  :)

StylebyIzabela said...

Emily, you look fantastic! I love that skirt so much, and I'm always so glad that you chopped it up! I can't wait to see more of Prague. I live in Germany for 7ish years and it was awesome to see Berlin, and now I'm excited to see a new place :)

Reading (and chickens) said...

So, SO jealous! What a beautiful city.

dixie said...

when I saw that first pic i was like "i know that place!" praha! i did a study abroad program there one summer. may i request that you incorporate fred and ginger into a future outfit picture background?

Elizabeth said...

I really like your colour combination here, lovely!

And of course a picturesque background too :)

Chaucee said...

How long were you in Berlin? And are you working while you are traveling (is that you're able to stay for so long in these places)? And I love the way you recreated the look!

Dani Ganley said...

Love hearing about your travels, it's awesome! 
If you get over to Switzerland the Blonde 25 beer is my favorite beer ever.

Jennie Marie Moss said...


Lauren said...

I never know what to wear sneakers with other than skinny jeans, but this looks great! Have fun in Prague :)

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