August 29, 2011


necklace - Anthropologie / striped sweater - Gap, thrifted / jeans - Old Navy / woven flats - UO

This isn't the most exciting outfit I've ever blogged, but to be honest, it's hard to feel inspired to 'dress-up' when I'm spending so much time indoors, metaphorically chained to my desk! Fortunately I am nearing the finish line on my portfolio, and I should finally be done working on it (and complaining about it) tomorrow.

We did take a little break from working this afternoon to walk down to this little lake. I'm a definite city-kid, so it's still a little mind-blowing to me to find places like this just down the road from Chris' house. The weather was just gorgeous, and I love that it's actually cool enough to wear a light sweater again. I love the long days and cicada-songs of summer, but fall is by far my favorite season so I'm glad to feel it slowly creeping up on us.


dellagraceslife said...

Pretty pictures! You should make a collage from all the pictures of those flats! 

That's exciting that you are so close to being done! I love getting near the end of a project, that's when it starts getting "funner". 

Kelly said...

I like blogging the more simple outfits ... because we all wear jeans, right?
PS I don't think  have ever seen you with your hair down. You look so different ...

Kelly @ Elegantly Academic

academiaemily said...

I think simple outfits like this are perfect for days outside. I'm so jealous that it's cool enough for sweaters where you are - sweater weather doesn't come to the Deep South until Thanksgiving-ish. Good luck, and early congratulations on finishing your portfolio!

ajr said...

I'm not so patiently waiting for weather where I can dress like this too! Even 3/4 or elbow sleeves would be a nice change! But it's still in the 90s here, so I'm trying to remember how much I wanted warm weather several months ago! :)

I always enjoy seeing bloggers in less blog-worthy outfits. No one dresses in blog worthy outfits everyday, after all.

Good luck finishing up your portfolio!

ajr said...

Oh yeah, forgot I was going to mention the flats pic too! heehee - I think it's cute that you still post pics of these everytime you wear them, even after you commented on it! :)

Kate Burrill said...

 I love the bun, but just wanted to mention that your hair also looks really pretty down!

Sorcha said...

Congrats about the portfolio! Sometimes comfy clothes are just the best option!

BetweenLaundryDays said...

These pictures are just gorgeous. And sometimes simple outfits are the best ones; I love the combination of stripes and those woven flats, and the shoulder detailing on your shirt is awesome!

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