March 6, 2011

28 of 30: catty

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3.6.11 CATTY
28 of 30

near Grand Bazaar, Istanbul near Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
necklace - vintage, great grandmother's / watch - La Mer / cat print blouse - Zara / pink striped sweater - H&M / overdyed skinnies - Zara / boots - Steve Madden

We took these yesterday right after leaving the Grand Bazaar. It's Istanbul's biggest marketplace, and filled with all kinds of goodies - jewelry, scarves, clothes, leather goods, handbags, antiques, lamps, furniture, books... pretty much you name it. It was sort of funny to see it after experiencing the souks in Morocco - while the bazaar is famous for its huge scale, dazzling variety, and aggressive salesmen, after the souks it seemed so relaxed! I have never been a big fan of intense salesmanship, but I think Fes really thickened my skin about it.

I did make my very first stab at bargaining though, and while this might seem like a pretty standard issue tourist experience, it was a pretty big deal for me. I am still kicking myself over not buying any shoes or jewelry in Morocco, and the truth is that it was because I am horribly intimidated by negotiation! I am convinced I have no poker face whatsoever, and I always cave immediately. It's honestly a wonder that I managed to sell my car for more than a box of Crackerjack. I don't think I did too badly on my first time out though - I've been looking for a small compass to wear as a necklace, and finally found a great shop selling vintage navigational equipment that had the perfect '70s compass. I managed to counter-offer (and counter-counter-offer) without being too awkward (I think), and ultimately walked away, pride intact, when we couldn't agree on a price. There is a happy ending though - Chris is going to go back for it in a few days and see if he can get it a little cheaper.
We took our first few photos on a little side street near the bazaar, which wound up not being quite so deserted as we'd thought - we had to keep carefully timing our photos in between the huge crowds of people that kept popping around the corner! So we eventually decided to move on to someplace a little more scenic - the park across from the Sultanahmet Cami, aka the Blue Mosque.

Sultanahmet Cami, Istanbul Sultanahmet Cami, Istanbul
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