March 23, 2011


Hi guys! I have a few new posts up on my tumblr* - click to read wider (in which I find the perfect pants), inevitable (in which I manage to cram all of my favorite things into one mega-outfit), and go-to (in which I totally oversleep but still manage to get more or less dressed).

EDIT: In the interests of maintaining a reasonably contiguous blog archive, I have amended my posts from Tumblr below - you can now read them here, or in their original home (with all the original comments) on Tumblr (click to read wider, inevitable, & go-to). Enjoy!

3.21.11 WIDER
Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 21 Mart Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 21 Mart Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 21 Mart
silk scarf - vintage, thrifted / brass whistle necklace - vintage via etsy / watch - La Mer / pink tank - Anthropologie / wide leg jeans - Banana Republic / brogues - Primark

As all you statesiders herald the welcome arrival of spring, here in Istanbul we seem to have stepped backwards weather-wise and had to break out the puffy coats again to head out today. The resultant indoor shots aren't exactly my favorite photos of all time, but there was no way I was letting a cold, windy day stand in the way of what I'm anticipating will be my new spring uniform. Because, to borrow a phrase from Sydney, these pants? They are the it.

I've been keeping an eye out for the perfect pair of wide leg trouser jeans (a la those recently worn so well by Tania, Carie, Kendi, Kyla, et al.), and last week I just stumbled upon this ridiculously comfy pair in the back of Banana Republic. Dark wash? Check. Trouser pockets? Check. Flattering vanity sizing? Double check. Boyfriend actually likes them? Sold. (Bonus: I didn't even know they were 30% off until I went to check out.)

I know that as a short-and-curvy lady (and self-respecting style blogger) I 'should' be wearing these with my highest platform heels for the full my-pants-ate-my-feet-but-look-how-long-my-legs-are effect - but as I hemmed these on Saturday, I had to acknowledge that for better or worse, that is just not my life. Much as I love the extra inches my occasional heel-wearing affords, one of the few demands of my current (very undemanding) lifestyle is a LOT of walking; so for now, I'll stick to my flats and perpetual weekend schedule, and leave the leg-lengthening to those lucky ladies with desk jobs and obligations. Leggy suckers...

Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 22 Mart natural materials & pink-on-pink wood, brass & bone Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 22 Mart pink, white & rust rust & gray-on-gray Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 22 Mart
necklace - vintage, secondskinstyle via etsy / pink striped sweater - H&M / rust skirt - Zara / gray tights - Old Navy / socks - Target / studded flats - Zara

This outfit was inevitable. It was set into motion the minute I picked up this sweater, and there was never any doubt in my mind that I would wear (and love) this pinky-stripey-rusty combination. What's shocking is that I waited this long to make it happen!

Since I wanted the pink-rust color combination to be the focus of my outfit, I decided to go with medium gray tights to keep from making my legs too high-contrast. Inspired by a recent look from Zoƫ I decided to wear my OTK socks as thigh-highs instead of my usual folded-down-under-boots strategy. I also resisted my perennial urge to pair pink tops with a ton of yellow gold jewelry, and instead went with my vintage wood & bone necklace. I've always felt like this necklace didn't really 'go' with anything other than simple, neutral tops but I wound up loving the tougher, earthy materials against the pale pink of my sweater.

Much as I've been enjoying the sartorial freedom the crummy weather has been affording these last few days, I am getting pretty antsy to get outside and get moving again, both here in Turkey and on to our next destinations. We've been spending these 'indoor' days in a flurry of planning for the next few months, and now I am getting impatient to get going!

3.23.11 GO-TO
4th c. city walls, istanbul 4th c. city walls, istanbul olive, pink, gray & gold 4th c. city walls, istanbul olive & gray navy, gray & red 4th c. city walls, istanbul
jacket - Zara / necklace - Forever 21 / sweater - H&M / button-down - custom-made / watch - La Mer / overdyed skinnies - Zara / t-strap shoes - UO

I'm afraid I'm a little short on words tonight - lately I've been in an awful pattern of insomnia-followed-by-oversleeping that I'm trying my best to break by heading to bed early. My awful sleeping patterns totally derailed our initial sightseeing plans for the day, so I wound up throwing out the outfit I'd planned as well and improvising. I went for a simple variation on the buttoned-up shirts I wore layered last week, remixed with simple-but-fun accessories for an incredibly easy, comfortable look.

What's your go-to formula for getting dressed when faced with a change in plans?


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