March 4, 2011


As you may have already gathered, my plans to circumnavigate Turkey's ban on Blogger have not been entirely successful. Completely unable to access Blogger from our home in Istanbul, I found myself faced with three options:

a. keep posting via email, with links to my Flickr in lieu of embedded images;
b. send finished posts to friends outside of Turkey and ask them to publish for me; or
c. take an enforced blogging vacation for the month of March.

While my cold little heart was warmed to learn that many of you actually clicked through all my janky links to view yesterday's outfit photos on Flickr, I don't want to ask that much clicking of you all month (Carpal Tunnel is real!), nor do I want to impose any more on friends stateside to publish posts for me, and given how much I've been enjoying blogging on our travels, option C seemed particularly distasteful. So I chose:

d. start a Tumblr!

I did a little more googling, and it turns out Turkey doesn't block Tumblr - so for the rest of this month, you can find me blogging at I've just put up my first outfit post there, so go check it out! I'll still update this blog when I have a new post up on Tumblr, so subscribers will still get a heads-up, and I'll be back to my regular blog-home when we leave Turkey at the end of the month. And again, many thanks to all my readers for your patience with this unexpected blogging hiccup!

EDIT: In the interests of maintaining a reasonably contiguous blog archive, I have amended my post from Tumblr below - you can now read it here, or in it's original home (with all the original comments) on Tumblr. Enjoy!

Welcome to my new temporary blog home! As evidenced by the nasty mess of uninterpreted html code that went live on my blog yesterday, I haven't exactly arrived at a functional work-around for the Turkish Blogger ban. Rather than spend a month asking friends outside of Turkey to post for me, or continue publishing posts that are only half-baked (raw html will give you salmonella, you know), I've decided to just pop on over here to Tumblr for the month! I'm thinking of it as a blog vacation home. I'll be updating my home blog with links here every time I post, so subscribers to the main blog should still get a heads-up, and I'll be moving back to my original Blogger home when I leave Turkey at the end of the month.

27 of 30

Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 4 Mart Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 4 Mart Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 4 Mart
brass whistle necklace - vintage via etsy / white v-neck - Forever 21 / belt - vintage, thrifted / skirt - Zara / tights - H&M / boots - Steve Madden

My apologies for the nasty indoor photos again - we waited 'til far too late in the afternoon to head outside for photos, and had to use the flourescent lights inside - yuck! Today wound up being an impromptu TCB day, devoted to such exciting pursuits as filing taxes and doing laundry, so I took advantage of the opportunity to wear something maybe not-so-Istanbul-appropriate. This is pretty much my lazy-day-at-home uniform - I spared you the horrifically worn-out cardigan, but couldn't be bothered with makeup, hair-brushing, or any particularly inventive use of accessories. I did at least break out my new navy tights - I have been loving the way Amanda has been wearing similar ones with lavender and earth tones lately, so I grabbed a pair at H&M while we were in Edinburgh. They're a fun alternative to basic black, and I love them with the rust color of this skirt.


BetweenLaundryDays said...

Yay! I'm glad you found a solution. I'm already subscribed to the new Tumblr blog! :)

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