March 11, 2011

freshly squeezed

Hi guys! Just a quick update for subscribers to my 'home' blog - I've got a few more new posts up on my tumblr!* There's a new outfit post (in which I nerd out about punctuation), a recap of my 30x30 remixes (including which outfits were my personal favorites), and my very first video post (in which I literally let my hair down - prepare for awkwardness).

I hate to bog down your RSS readers with a lot of Blogger posts linking to new Tumblr posts, so for the time being I'll only be updating the 'home' blog with links to my posts on Tumblr every few days or so. However, I have just started using Twitter, so if you'd like more frequent updates (or just to get a little extra glimpse into the day-to-day realities of my traveling lifestyle), you can follow my tweets @the_other_emily.

EDIT: In the interests of maintaining a reasonably contiguous blog archive, I have amended my posts from Tumblr below - you can now read them here, or in their original home (with all the original comments) on Tumblr (click to read inventory, collared, & hot air). Enjoy!

3.9.11 INVENTORY30 for 30: 1 through 5 30 for 30: 6 through 10 30 for 30: 11 through 15 30 for 30: 16 through 20 30 for 30: 21 through 25 30 for 30: 26 through 30
Thirty outfits, twenty-six garments (five t-shirts, five pairs of shoes, four sweaters, three pairs of pants, three tanks, two skirts, two blouses, and one dress), four countries, two continents,* and one suitcase. Whew.

While I suspect that my post-remix experience will be a little anti-climactic (after all, I only have about five garments that weren't included in my picks to remix), I am still glad to have finished. Things didn't go exactly as I'd planned (namely, seven of my original picks getting hung up in customs), but I feel like I still managed to embrace the spirit of the challenge and get a lot out of my limited wardrobe in the process. I wore a few outfits that probably wouldn't have occurred to me otherwise (particularly #8 and #25), came up with a few combinations that I will definitely be going back to again, and remix #11 just made it onto the 'featured' page at Weardrobe, which is pretty cool. My most worn items were, unsurprisingly, my overdyed skinnies (12 times!) and my boots (10), and my least worn were my red t-strap sandals (1), which were an admittedly unseasonable late addition.

Looking back, I think my favorite outfits are #4, #12, #13, and #24 - which is your favorite?

*Dang, should have taken one of my Istanbul photos on the Asian side of the city - I could have scored another continent!

3.10.11 COLLARED
Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 10 Mart fancy collar zee brogues Fatma Sultan Cami Sk., Istanbul: 10 Mart
gold chain necklace - Forever 21 / red print button-down - vintage, thrifted / gray sweater - H&M / ankle-zip leggings - mommed, Style&Co / brogues - Primark

Today I started easing back into the rest of my 'closet' slowly, one piece at a time, since I feel like I've got to stretch out the reunion as long as possible. It seems to be working for me so far, as this is one of my favorite recent outfits. The leggings and sweater had me feeling like I was in pajamas all day, but the high-buttoned collar and brogues kept things a bit more pulled together. A few months ago I lamented that while I loved this shirt, it really wasn't very versatile; I must have found at least four new ways to wear it since then.*

We've decided to go ahead and make some pretty big, unexpected changes to our travel plans, so we spent our third (third!) snow day working out new logistics on that front. While we are sacrificing some things we'd really been looking forward to, I think our new plan is ultimately a change for the better.

I also made my very first video for the blog today! I've still got a little editing to do (and a little more confidence to drum up) before I post it, but I should have that up here tomorrow - and if nothing else, you guys can have the slightly uncanny experience of finally hearing my voice. (I did not, ahem, get around to those pesky taxes I was going to tackle today...)

Oh! And after some gentle prodding from a few blog friends, I finally got on Twitter. I am still getting the hang of it (like, what is the ettiquette for unsolicited 'tweeting' at somebody?), but if you're interested in wry cultural observations with an international slant - I'm thinking Jerry Seinfeld meets Carmen Sandiego (WHAT is the DEAL with NICARAGUA?) (Ok, I promise my tweets aren't quite that bad.) - you can follow me @the_other_emily.

*To let you in on just how much of a nerd I am, as soon as I finished writing that sentence I immediately googled the proper use of a semicolon; it turns out my usage is totally kosher. However, I cannot vouch similarly for the mixed punctuation in my last paragraph.

3.11.11 HOT AIR
Here it is, my very first video post! I've been asked a few times (on the blog and IRL) how I do my hair in my now-almost-daily bun, so I put together a little tutorial video yesterday afternoon. I am always fascinated when bloggers I've been reading for a while post videos - somehow I am always surprised by their speaking voices and mannerisms, and I imagine some of my readers will have that same uncanny experience with this one (e.g., did anyone expect me to talk with my hands quite so much?).

You could call this the 'no-twist' bun (which gets extra cool points for doubling as a reference to one of my favorite bands), but I always think of it as my 'hot air bun,' since its volume is about 80% empty space. It works well with shorter/medium length hair, and could probably work with longer hair with a little trial-and-error. My bun wound up a good deal sloppier than usual in this video, but if you give it a few tries in front of a mirror, you should be able to make it as neat or messy as you'd like.

This is also the very first time I've worn my hair down on the blog. I've been growing out a pretty serious pixie cut for about a year and a half now, and since I haven't had a cut in all that time, it is a pretty awkward mix of lengths at this point. I'm hoping to get a real haircut sometime in the next few months, I'm just waiting for the front to get a little bit longer.

On a substantially more serious note, my thoughts and sympathies are with all those affected by the earthquake and resultant tsunamis in Japan. I am incredibly fortunate to know that my friends there are safe and far from harm's way, but there are still untold numbers of injured and displaced civilians in danger. I encourage everyone looking for a way to help those affected by the disaster to consider making donations through the American Red Cross - you can donate directly to the relief effort here.


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