June 17, 2011

le second retour

necklace - boutique in Montmartre, Paris / jacket - Forever 21 / tote - convention freebie from Germany / tank - Anthropologie / braided belt - vintage, thrifted / jeans - Gap / brogues - Primark

Monumental architecture, immaculate gardens, and cool, rainy weather? That can only mean one thing - I'm back! After a week of craziness (and a very long flight, populated by one good ('Rango') and one awful ('Just Go With It') movie and absolutely no sleep) we are back on the road and back on the Continent - and what better place to start than the 'capital of Europe,' Brussels! We've been sampling our fair share of beers (including my new favorite style, the fizzy, wine-like Gueuze), ogling more Art Nouveau buildings than you can shake a serpentine stick at, and breathing in the dreamy aromas of fresh waffles and chocolate at every street corner. And to think, I'd almost forgotten how pleasant this lifestyle can be.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with the incredibly sweet, talented, and preposterously cute Megan Nielsen in Georgetown for some shopping, coffee, and blog-talk. It was my first time meeting someone in real life who I already 'knew' through blogging, and I will admit, I was pretty durn nervous - but it turned out to be so much fun! It was definitely a little surreal to introduce myself to someone I already felt I knew so much about, but within minutes we just felt like old friends. And she totally helped me justify the purchase of these welted wide-leg jeans, which I've long admired on Carie and which I managed to find just one pair of, in my size, on the sale rack. With an additional 30% off the sale price. Rad.

We snapped these photos outside the Palais du Roi, during a brief break in the light, drizzly rain that seems to be the hallmark of a Belgian spring (Or summer? Surely not!). Apparently I looked a little too serious about picture taking, as an older, white-haired Belgian gent stopped immediately behind Chris, flashed me a huge double-thumbs-up, and cried out, "Sourire!" So, naturally, I did.



What Would a Nerd Wear said...

yay you're back! and in pink and mustard to boot.
isn't megan just about the nicest person you've ever met? i felt like i'd known her for a million years when we met. can't wait to see more travel photos from you hurrah!

Megan Nielsen said...

oh my gosh!! your jeans look sooooo cute!!! they're perfectly hemmed too my friend!!! 

I had sooooo much fun hanging out too! I hope we get to do it again when you come back!! HUGS! XOXO

readingandchickens said...

Those jeans look great, especially with that necklace. Makes me wonder if I could pull it off, but I fear the FUPA look with my permanent post-baby belly. Oh, and Belgium has the best beer (and chocolate) (and sprouts!). How fun!

Grijze Dagen said...

oh belgium, you're in my country! are you planning on visiting Ghent (30mins trainride from BXL), you should! its lovely lovely lovely

emily said...

Hee hee, yes, I am nothing without my power colors, and I even managed to include one of the army of army jackets - now if only there were some stripes, this outfit would truly be complete! :)

And seriously, Megan is so sweet, I'm so glad we got to meet up while I was still in the States.

emily said...

 Haha, thanks! Fortunately I had an excellent style advisor on hand to help me pick them out. :)

Jessie said...

so exciting that you're in brussels! you have to go to delirium cafe/bar, home of delirium tremens, the most delicious beer in the world. 

emily said...

 Thank you! I think you should give high-waisted jeans a try, I certainly do not have the flattest of abs (and I don't even have a baby to show for it!) but I still think these are flattering. And I have definitely been enjoying the beer here - and the waffles & frites with mayonnaise!

emily said...

Yes! We are planning to make a day trip to Ghent on Tuesday - we're definitely going to be visiting the Design Museum, but I'd love any other recommendations you have for visitors!

emily said...

 Ooh, that definitely sounds intriguing - I think we may just have to check it out tomorrow. :)

emily said...

Thank you! And SO TRUE - it's like the universe was telling me I had to buy them. :)

bluecollarkyla said...

I LOVE these jeans and I'm so crazy about this color combo, too!

emily said...

Thanks Kyla! When in doubt, I always reach for yellow and pink - I never seem to get tired of it. :)

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