June 6, 2011

saving it

earrings - handmade by Carie, won in Pretty Little Mountains giveaway / striped dress (worn as a top) - Old Navy / belt - vintage, thrifted / maxi skirt - Target / sandals -Target, thrifted

I have always had this odd habit of 'saving' my favorite clothes and oufits for social occasions. I used to hoard all my favorite pieces for weekday wear, feeling like wearing them when no one else would see them was a waste. Now that I'm getting ready to go back overseas (and back to a seriously reduced wardrobe), I again feel that weird instinct to avoid wearing things that I'm planning to pack for our next round of traveling. I know that after the first month I'll be sick of everything I've packed, so I've been doing my best to save up outfit ideas but yesterday I just couldn't hold out on this comfy maxi skirt any longer! I don't know what it is about soft black jersey paired with stripes, but this felt like outfit magic to me. I'm glad I didn't save it for the next leg of our trip, although we'll be traveling again so soon - we're leaving next week!

I feel like I have really let answering comments get away from me since we've been back in the States, and I'm going to go back through my recent posts and get those all answered tonight - so if you've been waiting for a reply from me (sorry!), you should have one very soon!


Callie Gisler said...

Just stumbled across your blog recently, and I must say, I am absolutely in love with it. And this outfit. It is so refreshing to see simplicity at its best. Looking forward to reading more! 

amanda said...

i will never ever ever tire of stripes.  they are instant chic.  and your hair is so adorable in a top knot.  that pic from the back is especially pretty :)  and i do that too with my favorite outfits.  like when i'm going on a trip, i'll set aside the things i want to wear and then forbid myself to put them on before i leave.  as though i won't be able to wash it!  silly.  but you are not alone.  

emily said...

 Thanks Callie, and welcome!

emily said...

Me either! Stripes and color are both just instant mood elevators for me.

And I'm trying to get over my favorites-hoarding -  if it makes me feel great, why do insist on waiting to wear it? You're right, it's not as if I can't do laundry, or just wear things more than once!

Sil said...

I really like this outfit. I sometimes have the same feeling of saving certain clothes for special occasions but I'm trying to start incorporating those items into my daily rotation because they make me happy. When are you going back? Have a safe trip.

Emily_RubySlippers said...

I do the same thing, and having a blog makes it even worse.  Now in addition to hording things to wear, I suddenly can't wear them again to anywhere special (where cameras will be) until a decent amount of time/iterim posts have passed.  Bah.

Oh, I've featured one of your outfits on my "hits of the spring" wrap-up over at my blog.  Check it out if you're not frantically packing or something!

Izabela said...

Emily, this looks so beautiful! I don't know if you've seen Coco Before Chanel (really pretty movie), but there's a scene where she wears an outfit just like this! It is stunning!

emily said...

Thank you!  It's a funny habit, and one that really starts to strike me as crazy when I realize I'm forcing myself to wear things I don't like as much! It definitely seems better to just enjoy them as often as you'd like.

We're going back abroad next Wednesday, the 15th - I can't believe it's so soon!

emily said...

Haha, you're right, blogging totally exacerbates the problem! And on the flip side, I now get irritated when I wear something I really like but don't have time for photos.

And thank you, that is so flattering! :)

emily said...

Thanks Izabela! I actually haven't seen it yet but I know I really should... maybe I'll have to see if I can find it this weekend. :)

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