June 8, 2011

on the road

necklace - UO / jacket - H&M / tank - Target / belt - vintage, thrifted / jeans - Forever 21 / flats - UO

Yesterday I decided I needed a break from taking all our photos in the backyard, so we took a little walk down the road from Chris's family's house. Unfortunately they don't really live walking distance from any photogenic painted brick walls, so we decided to just use the road as our photo backdrop. We definitely confused more than a few passing drivers!

Posting these photos tonight feels particularly appropos, as we are on the road once again! Tonight we came in to Boston to spend the evening with Chris's brother (or to hit the North End for cannolis, depending on who you ask), tomorrow we'll take a bus to NYC, and then Thursday we'll take another bus (whew!) to DC - and then it's just five short days until we leave the US once again! I am definitely starting to get nervous about getting ready to travel again (there might have been a mini-meltdown yesterday over what shoes to take...), but at the same time I am definitely getting excited to get going again.


sunshinerebellion said...

I like the road-backdrop. always fun to mix things up. DC's one of my hometowns! What are you doing down there?

Archives said...

you definitely have certified jet-setter status, e! even when "home" you're on the move! 

emily said...

I do too - it's tough to mix things up when you can't walk much of anywhere!

We're going back south to stay with my parents for a few days in Alexandria, and to get all packed up to go abroad again.

emily said...

Ha, it's totally true. I've started calling myself "The Suitcase Whisperer" because I have gotten so skilled at cramming a ridiculous amount of last-minute items into an already full bag. :)

Claire M. said...

Nice outfit! great photos too ;)

emily said...

 Thanks Claire! My photos are definitely all a credit to my talented (and patient!) boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that your photos are so so so pretty!!  they look very professional

emily said...

Thank you Kelly!

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