June 3, 2011


sunglasses - thrifted / earrings - Boston street vendor / purse - Athens tourist shop / button-down - custom-made / watch - La Mer / denim leggings - Target / sandals - UO

It was super chilly again today, and since I foolishly packed for summer weather, I spent the day in ratty jeans, Toms, and an enormous flannel borrowed from the closet of Chris' 15-year-old (6'2") brother - so rather than treat you to outfit shots of that debacle, I thought it'd be a good time to post some older photos that never made it onto the blog. (I did manage to finish a really exciting sewing project today - involving these shorts and this tutorial - which I'm dying to show off once the weather heats up again!)

These are pretty old pictures. Know how I can tell? The weather was still cool enough to wear pants, my bangs were super long, my watch was still working, and I hadn't switched to my favorite Lucia knock-off sunglasses yet. Oh yeah, and I was in France. During our last week in Paris, we took a day trip (or 'architectural pilgrimage') out to Poissy to see Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye. We had a perfect sunny day for lingering on the roof garden and quizzing ourselves on how many of Corb's Five Points we could remember. (Of course, I got them all - Jeff Kipnis would be so proud!)


dotty said...

ha! i knew from the first photo exactly where you were! 

Clara beyer said...

i love your top and your earrings! crazy jealous that you got to hang out in france for a while. it's such a beautiful country.
also, great bag. remind me to just pop over to athens to look for one like it :P

emily said...

Hee! Yeah, I knew I had to use these photos eventually, if only as a shout-out to my fellow arch-nerds. :)

emily said...

 Thank you! Our time in France was absolutely incredible, and I hope we get the chance to go back again soon.

Izabela said...

Oh, this just brought back memories of a horrible architecture professor (and it wasn't even a class for architecture students!!).

But I  love this look -- loose tops and fitted pants -- looks so good on you!

emily said...

 Oh no! I'm so sorry Corb has been ruined for you - that must have been a horrible professor indeed!

And thank you - this kind of look was definitely a staple for me during my last semester of grad school.

Kara @ Unusual Form said...

You made it to Villa Sav0ye!  Aren't you so glad you went?

P.S.  Pilotis, Roof Garden, Ribbon Window, Free Plan, and Free Facade

emily said...

 Yes! It was awesome, and absolutely worth it. The weather was great too, so we got to enjoy a leisurely stroll to and from the train station.

Isn't it funny how much those Points just get embedded in your brain forever??

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