May 4, 2011

cookie salvation

Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris
Arc de Triomphe, Paris
gold paillette necklace - Anthropologie / trench - H&M / black scoopneck tee - UO / peach geode ring - H&M / wide leg jeans - Banana Republic / shoes - Toms

In my still-nascent career as an international lady of leisure/style blogger, I've had to accept the hard fact that not every outfit, or every outing, is going to be a home run. Sometimes they are just singles - totally respectable, and they get the job done, but not particularly spectacular. That's how this outfit felt to me; while I always love the simple top - wide leg jeans - trench formula, I will admit to having some doubts over this look's 'blog-worthiness.' It was comfortable, I felt fairly chic and all my bits were covered, but there just wasn't a whole lot of 'there' there, you know?

Enter the cookie ring. Those who've checked out my Pinterest lately are already well aware of my current obsession with over-the-top cocktail rings, so it should come as no surprise that I couldn't resist this peachy faux-geode on my recent H&M binge. While I definitely don't have a future as a hand model (how other people manage to take non-weird/creepy hand pictures totally baffles me), this ring is so much fun to wear, and inspires otherwise aloof strangers on the street to grab my hand in wonder. And I can tell even Chris likes it, because he says it looks like a cookie.

P.S. I know I talk about Pinterest an awful lot, but it's probably my favorite new website in years. As always, just send me your email address if you'd like an invite!


BetweenLaundryDays said...

Supah-sweet ring, and I'm SO with you on Pinterest. Though I'm not on there very much, I adore it. And your pins are mah faves.

academiaemily said...

I have days like that too - what I'm wearing looks fine, but isn't the most creative thing I feel like I've ever worn. Some days I wonder if I can blog myself wearing yoga pants. I think your outfit today is very polished and classy-looking. And that ring! Shazam!

emily said...

I'm definitely pretty Pinterest obsessed, although I am similarly active on there in little fits and starts. It's just been so much more effective for me than saving or bookmarking images, and I can't wait until I have all my crafting supples again so I can get started on all the amazing projects in my DIY pinboard - pretty sure that one's my favorite to dream over. :)

emily said...

It's funny the odd pressures we put on ourselves by blogging, no? Suddenly wearing nice basics or re-wearing an outfit you liked a few weeks ago doesn't feel like it's 'enough.' I definitely appreciate those posts on other blogs though, it's those 'off' days when I most need some easy outfit inspiration!

S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

Because it's exam season, this comment is pre-outlined for your convenience:

1. I thought this outfit was cute!
a. Nice [faux] rock!
3. I heart pinterest.
4. I have this thought about "blog-worthiness" all the time, and I still don't have a good answer. But I think if part of the importance of the project of styleblogging is sharing a vision with other women about making style accessible for real humans, there's important work being done in sharing the "simpler" things we wear. I don't do a great job of this (except when I was too sick to stand up and took a LOT of jeans-and-tee-shirt pictures), but it's something I keep thinking about.
5. We are planning an epic meetup for your much-anticipated return. And by epic meetup I mean, epic hugging of Winston.

Lauren Payne said...

I would love an invite.
I have been stalking other peoples pins and I am in love.
I like that you have posted somethings that are of questionable worthiness for the blog world. Not everything we do or wear is amazing. But you still seem to make it lovely.

Thanks. Looking forward to more posts.

emily said...

Hee! I particularly love that you used an 'a' instead of a '2' - it truly is exam season!

But thank you dear, #4 is very well-put and is I think a big part of what drew me to blogs/blogging in the first place - blogging my outfits both makes me take a little extra care (and enjoyment) in how I choose to dress myself, and it is a good reminder that your style is just as much what you live everyday as it is your 'dress-up' moments.

emily said...

Hi Lauren! You should have a Pinterest invite in your inbox now - enjoy, but beware it's addictive tendencies!

And thank you for your kind words. :)

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