May 30, 2011


earrings - handmade by Carie, won in Pretty Little Mountains giveaway / dress - Five Bamboo, won in What Would a Nerd Wear giveaway / belt - vintage, thfited / bracelet - DIY, tutorial via Honestly WTF / sandals - Target, thrifted

Whew! I feel like I have been so absent from blogging lately, but I suppose it's really only been a few days. This weekend we took the bus up to New York to visit with friends (and to break up the long ride to Chris's parents' place in MA). Today's outfit is the same one I wore to take the bus on Saturday. I wanted to be comfortable for the almost five hour ride, but I still wanted to feel put together enough to head straight for drinks on the Lower East Side when we arrived, and my new Five Bamboo dress was perfect on both counts. I realized later that this might be one of the cheapest outfits I've ever worn - between the thrifted belt and sandals and the homemade bracelet, I think the total cost was about $7!

We spent our visit catching up with a bunch of my grad school buddies in Fort Greene, drinking beers outside in plastic cups and eating a ridiculous amount of delicious food (there might even have been a post-brunch pina colada slushie from an ice cream truck). We’ve started talking a lot about where we’d like to live when we finish traveling, and even though it was ridiculously hot and sweaty in Brooklyn, our visit still managed to tip my scales a bit more in favor of New York. I had been rather resistant to the idea, as it seemed so overwhelmingly to be the ‘default’ choice coming out of graduate school; in fact, of my class, only six of us do not currently live in NYC. However, I am reminded every time I go back just how much I do love about the city, and about Brooklyn in particular, and after this weekend I can tell my resistance is really starting to break down.

We’re now up in central Mass., and have spent the day watching a small town Memorial Day parade, grilling in the backyard, and visiting with family. I'm looking forward to hitting up a few of my favorite thrifts this week, as well as digging through the clothes I have stored here, and tomorrow we're headed to the beach!


Origami Dreamer said...

I read your blog all the time (ever since I stumbled across it via Blue Collar Catwalk), but almost never get a chance to comment.  This time I had to: That dress looks gorgeous on you! Very simple, yet the color makes it *that* much more special.

It reminds of the dress you posted a few days ago:  I wonder if, before you hack that one up into a skirt, it might do better with a belt? Assuming it belts well that would certainly define the waistline a bit more and maybe mitigate the lowness of neckline?

Emily_RubySlippers said...

I'm trying to decide where to live too.  Among my course, London seems to be the default, but I don't think I want to live there.  I just loved New York when I was there too, but I expect it would be pretty difficult for me to move there....
Anyway, sounds like a nice weekend, and that was definitely a pretty and sensible dress for travel and fun!

Izabela said...

Whew, it sounds like you had a busy but lovely weekend! I love this outfit you created -- the color combination is so perfect for summer! And that bracelet...I HAVE to make that!

JoAnn, Sidewalk Chic said...

That shade of orange is just beautiful. I also really like the braiding detail on your belt and sandals.

Your weekend sounds fun -- I live in a college town, and I love whenever my friends come visit. Cheap drinks, sitting outside and people-watching -- what could be better? 

emily said...

Well thank you! You're right, it is quite similar to that pink dress, although the shape of this one is definitely more fitted. I have given belting the other one a try a few times, but it still just doesn't seem to work quite right - the waistline on that one is higher than my natural waist, so the belt sort of falls in an awkward spot. Ah well - I'm sure it will make a lovely skirt. :)

emily said...

 It's funny, I can't tell if I'm just being contrary in not wanting to live in NY or if there's more to it than that. It just seems like this is such an opportune time in our lives to really choose where we go, I'd hate to waste that freedom!

emily said...

 Thanks Izabela! DEFINITELY give that bracelet DIY a go - it's such a quick, fun project!

emily said...

Thank you! It was definitely a great visit, and so nice to catch up with friends we hadn't seen in months - although sadly there were no actually cheap drinks to be found in Brooklyn... :)

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