April 19, 2011

blue on blue

necklace - vintage, thrifted / purse - Athens tourist shop / jacket - Zara / cardigan - Primark / belt - vintage, thrifted / printed maxi dress - H&M / brogues - Primark

I definitely had summer weather in mind when I bought this dress in Rome, but for another cool day in Florence I decided to try it with some more layers. I still love the easiness of a maxi for an unfussy summer look, but I was surprised how much I liked this warmer version too. I also loved the addition of this red bead necklace I thrifted in London; I reach for my whistle necklace out of habit nearly every day, but I'm trying to branch out a little and give my underutilized jewelry a little time in the sun.

On our second day in Florence, we started again with Michelangelo, visiting the chapel and library of Cathedral San Lorenzo. Then we headed over to the Academia, where we again skipped the hours-long line to pick up tickets for later. I cannot fathom why more people don't do this - they give you the first reservation available, so you get into the museum at the same you would have had you waited, and you get to spend that wait time doing other things! We spent ours having a leisurely lunch (prosciutto, fontina & arugula on ciabatta, yum!), then checking out a few of the city's central piazzas.

After our date with David (for whom, sadly, 'what they say about guys with big hands' does not hold true), we headed home to pack up and get ready for another day of travel. I'd have loved to stay a bit longer (and to be able to reconcile my desire for a beautiful leather jacket with the limits of my wardrobe and wallet!), but our next destination was calling even stronger - and I can't wait to show you guys photos of where we've been since!


Sara_ItsAboutTheLook said...

I love the pop of red in the necklace with the navies in the rest of the outfit! This is excellent :) And I still need to try that short hair milkmaid braid trick!

academiaemily said...

The blues in this outfit, especially the dress, look so Mediterranean to me. I studied abroad in southern Spain, and I saw so many ceramics that had very similar colors and patterns. What an appropriate outfit for Italy!


Looks & Books said...

I just got a maxi dress this weekend and I'm looking forward to styling it. I lived in Florence for my junior year of college and haven't been back since--this post makes me very nostalgic!

dotty said...

i'm really liking the layers over a patterned long dress idea! and the necklace+army jacket colro combination is so fantastic!

emily said...

Thanks Sara - I really need to try and wear this necklace more, for some reason it always seems to drift down to the bottom of my jewelry bag (an oversized Ziploc - classy, I know) and get forgotten!

And you should definitely try out the milkmaid braids! I also love the spin Carie of Pretty Little Mountains put on it - she added even more extra braids in the back, and the results have been gorgeous!

emily said...

Oh, you are so right! It's too bad I didn't have this dress yet when we were in Spain, I could have blended right in with so many cute little shops!

emily said...

Awesome! I was pretty nervous to step onto the maxi train (har har) as a bit of a shorty, but I'm now a pretty thorough convert because they are sooooo easy.

And I'm so jealous you lived in Florence for a year! It's such a lovely place, and I feel like we only managed to scratch the surface during our short visit. I'd love to have the time to explore some of the less visited corners of the city at a more leisurely pace.

emily said...

Thanks Dotty. This outfit was definitely an invention of necessity - the combination of odd weather and limited laundry facilities meant I pretty much just put on everything that was clean at once!

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