April 4, 2011


parko kerameikou, athens
lucite, brass & plastic
parko kerameikou, athens
stripes, buckles & pleats
black, cognac & gold
parko kerameikou, athens
lucite & brass necklace - vintage, thrifted / pink striped sweater - H&M / watch - La Mer / belt - vintage, thrifted / shorts - H&M / tights - Target / socks - H&M / boots - Steve Madden

On Saturday we set out to explore some older Athenian neighborhoods a little bit more; unfortunately, we set off in the wrong direction from the metro and suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a not-so-savory area. I was feeling fine when I saw the homeless guys sleeping in doorways, still pretty ok when I saw the guy shooting up in the back of an abandoned lot, but decidedly not ok when we walked through a crowd at a bus stop and discovered they weren't waiting for the bus - they were buying syringes and baggies. Woah. It was a definite keep-your-head-down-and-keep-walking moment, and one that was perhaps not made more comfortable for me by happening to wear the shortest shorts of all time. Tourists like us so often see only the 'highlights' of a place, and don't get me wrong, I'm all for experiencing both the good and the bad of the places we visit - I just might have preferred not to do so in booty shorts.

For now, I'm off to do yet more packing - when you plan to visit six cities in four countries in under three weeks, this becomes a bit of refrain. I have absolutely loved our short stay in Greece (and I have more photos to share of it this week), but I am still ridiculously excited about our next destination. Tomorrow is moving day!


prettylittlemountains said...

Those don't look too short at all, you are totally rocking them. I just got some shorts very similar to those and will be probably wearing them tomorrow and feeling the same way you do. Can't wait to find out the next stop on your adventurous travels.

Erin and Caroline said...

I love those shorts! Great find. I especially love the pleats. =)

-Erin (http://keepcalmandstyleon.blogspot.com)

KerryJane said...

I think the tights save you anyway even if you do feel they're too short!

I had to laugh at this post; I work at a homeless shelter in Vancouver and you get kind of desensitized to things but I can't say that I've ever walked through an entire crowd of people waiting to buy drugs! Or maybe I have and just didn't know it. Who knows..

NodToStyle said...

you look so tall and svelte in these pics! and not indecent at all...my 24 hour athens trip included smacking a creepy older guy with my heavy duty "let's go europe" guidebook.

bluecollarkyla said...

I LOVE how you paired the socks with the matching boots! I thought it was the boots at first. Looks great!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I've been following (and envying!) your travels both through Wardrobe Remix and your blog and now that you're in Athens - my favorite city and my husband's hometown - I feel moved to comment. I love your style and how you make a limited wardrobe work. Can't wait to see where you'll be next and hope you enjoyed your time in Greece (apart from the creepiness): kalo taxidi!

BetweenLaundryDays said...

Yeah, I love this. Top to bottom, this outfit makes my day. And can we talk about that necklace? SO GOOD.

Also, I totally feel you on suddenly ending up in the wrong 'hood. There were more than a few times in Bolivia and Chile when I suddenly realized that I should begin slowly backing away from the area I was finding myself in. I'm all about seeing it all, too, but I'm very much a "better safe than sorry" person, so I try to avoid the syringe centers if I can.

Katie C. said...

I just stumbled upon your blog--great find! I'm in the planning process of spending about a month overseas and seeing your traveling remixes is really inspiring!

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