April 26, 2011

so gauche

La Rive Gauche, Paris
La Rive Gauche, Paris
La Rive Gauche, Paris
red & red
beaded & striped
La Rive Gauche, Paris
sunglasses - thrifted / red bead necklace - vintage, childhood dress-up box / red chain necklace - vintage, Park Slope flea market / purse - Athens tourist shop / pink tank - Anthropologie / belt - vintage, thrifted / bracelet - gift from Tunisia / striped maxi skirt - H&M / red T-strap sandals - UO

Whew! I'm so glad to be done posting pictures from our time in Italy - much as I love the opportunity to reminisce about Venice (ah, Venezia!), I have been dying to start sharing pictures from our new home! So, for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, we're now in.... (drumroll please)

Paris! Yup, just when you thought this trip of mine couldn't hit any more romantic cliches, we're now living in the City of Lights in springtime. We've even been favored with more ridiculously gorgeous, unseasonably warm and sunny weather ever since we got here - perfect for sightseeing, or for the occasional nap in the hammock on our new balcony.

Despite all that, I had a bit of a rough morning the day we took these photos, and so I headed straight for a few of my favorite pieces in search of a sartorial pick-me-up. This skirt is definitely in a class of its own within my wardrobe - it's one of those rare garments that makes you feel way cooler than you actually are, and every time I wear it I feel like I'm just radiating confidence. I'd worn it before paired with black, gold, and cognac, but for a warmer daytime look I decided to try mixing the stripes with some colors. I've always found the combination of red and pink irresistably cheery, so I linked a few vintage necklaces together to wear as a slightly bolder statement piece over my more muted tank, then topped it all off with this great Berber bracelet my mom got me in Tunisia - I love the single stripe of bright blue beads.


Kara @ Unusual Form said...

Ahh! So jealous. Paris is my favorite city of all time. Are you going to see any Corbu? Villa Savoye is definitely worth the trip out to Poissy.

Love the outfit by the way. You look very chic.

AmandaB. said...

I love Paris and that skirt! Have a macaroon for me!

(L) said...

I love red and pink together, too! There's something so fun and unexpected about tone-on-tone.

- Lauren

bluecollarkyla said...

This combination is everything I want in a summer wardrobe. I love how elevated and chic the muted pink and cognac are with the bold stripes. And that little pop of red? I die!

canary said...

I think this outfit works quite well for Paris--neutral with bit of a bohemian vibe. When I was there last year, I was surprised by that, many solid knit dresses, tights and knee boots even in May. Nonchalant is a pretty big deal there, and this outfit looks carefree while still being balanced and thoughtful.

emily said...

I know we are definitely going to Villa La Roche and the Swiss Pavilion, and are still looking into the best way to get to Poissy - how did you go for your visit? I sort of wish we could have been before the restoration; all those old photos of the derelict house with trees growing through it are pretty amazing.

emily said...

Thank you! And not to worry, I'll make sure to have at least two...

emily said...

Yes! Tone-on-tone color combinations are definitely one of my favorite go-tos when I'm not sure what to wear, I always think it looks so fresh!

emily said...

Aw, thank you! Personally, I am still scheming how to get my hands on this great pair of polka-dotted, wide leg silk pants I thrifted last year, so I can start recreating some of your incredible fireworks pants looks! I can already see them with a chambray button down, or a floaty coral shell.... :)

emily said...

Thanks! I've definitely been noticing that everywhere we travel, the locals are a lot less excited to break out the warm-weather clothes than the tourists - so while I'm in sandals and a tank top, they're all still in boots and jackets! I love the idea of blending in, but I just can't give up my love for all this new sunshine.

Kara @ Unusual Form said...

We went out to Poissy via train. Villa Savoye was a short walk from the train station. I don't remember which Paris station we left out of. It was almost 6 years ago, but I remember it being relatively easy to get to, an easy trip for an afternoon.

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