April 5, 2011

eternal city

Hadrian's Mausoleum, Rome
sunshine, rome
Hadrian's Mausoleum, Rome
Hadrian's Mausoleum, Rome
wind, rome
earrings - Anthropologie / sunglasses - thrifted / trench - H&M / bag - Athens tourist shop / dress - thrifted / tights - Target / boots - Steve Madden

While I usually wind up posting my outfits a few days after I wear them (and I still have more photos to share from Greece), I just couldn't wait to share these photos we took today in our new home-away-from-home - Rome! After dragging ourselves to the airport at an ungodly hour this morning, we arrived in Italy early in the afternoon, did our best to rid ourselves of the smell of airplane, and set out in search of pizza and piazzas. Naturally we found both in spades, and wound up walking from the Colosseum to Vatican City, with a long break for some excellent pizza con funghi e vino (molto, molto vino!). While I may have gotten an asymmetrical sunburn from sitting perpendicular to the sun, it was a beautiful afternoon, full of inspired dialogue like, "Oh! That building looks familiar, what is that?" and "Man, I should have paid better attention in all those architectural history courses..." Fortunately we have the whole week to figure out the landmarks that left us stumped.

My post-flight outfit was directly inspired by three gorgeous Italian girls I saw at the baggage claim - all three were sporting incredible long hair, killer motorcycle jackets, and flat boots with tall socks, and two were wearing short dresses with sheer tights. While I can't do much about the hair or the jacket, I hoped to swipe a little of their effortlessly cool look with this dress-tights-boots combo, and the golden tufts of tree pollen swirling through the air on the banks of the Tevere offered a little extra magic for my photos. I've been looking forward to wearing this cute little crossbody bag I bought in Greece; it's a lot easier on my shoulders than my usual enormous purse, and by wearing it under my trench I felt reasonably safe from pickpockets - while Rome is the Eternal City, it's also known as the City of Thieves!

P.S. I discovered tonight that I've recently been featured on Where the Lovely Things Are and Miss Moss, both incredible blogs full of gorgeous style and design inspiration - I'm super flattered to be on their radar, so be sure to check them out! And to my new readers, welcome!


amanda said...

LOVE IT!!!! i think you did a great job recreating the vibe of those girls. we can't always go out and buy something new, but that doesn't mean we can't take the inspiration from someone and pull it off with what we have in our closets/suitcases. you look great and the photos are awesome :)

Gemma said...

I found you through Miss Moss and am loving the posts I have seen so far. I've been meaning to buy a small crossbody bag to save my back from all the huge bags I usually lug around and yours looks ideal - shame I'm not going to Athens anytime soon!

emily said...

Thanks Amanda! One of the fun side-effects of blogging while I travel is that I'm constantly looking around for outfit inspiration to keep from getting completely bored with my limited sartorial options, and it's at least kind of working. My poor long-suffering boyfriend has more or less told me I can't buy more clothes for the next two months as our suitcases are already full to bursting, so I guess I'll keep looking for ways to remix!

emily said...

Thanks Gemma, and welcome! After a few days with this little bag, I am a total small-purse convert, especially with warmer weather coming. I'd recommend scoping out thrift and charity shops for a great vintage crossbody - I am definitely kicking myself now for the hundreds of great small purses I must have passed by in my thrifting life!

Santina said...

Congratulations on the features! It always feels like to be noticed be someone you admire.

I'm quite impressed with your post-flight look! The pairing of black and tan is so chic!

S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

you look so dreamy euro-chic in these photos, I absolutely cannot stand it. really.

MillionVer said...

Yes! Looks beautiful!


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