April 6, 2011

worlds collide

Parthenon, Athens
Parthenon, Athens
Parthenon, Athens
Parthenon, Athens
silk, wood & brass
Erectheion, Athens
Erectheion, Athens
earrings - vintage, shop in Copenhagen / jacket - Zara / silk top - Mango / wood & brass bangle - vintage, thrifted / wide leg jeans - Banana Republic / shoes - Toms

These photos are from Chris's birthday on Sunday. We had big plans to get up early, hit the flea market in Psyri, visit the Acropolis, then explore some more neighborhoods and find someplace amazing for dinner. Unfortunately, my body had other plans - I woke up horribly nauseous at five in the morning. Blech. After a rather, ahem, eventful hour, we went back to bed and decided to sleep a bit later and see if things improved. I woke up feeling, if not fully recovered, at least much better, and we were still able to salvage at least our Acropolis plans. I pulled out my old graduate school post-all-nighter trick of dressing better than I felt, and my silk top and wide leg pants offered the added bonus of feeling rather like classy pajamas. We didn't quite get to have the birthday celebration I'd hoped for, but it certainly beat being stuck in bed.

On an entirely unrelated subject, I've recently been in touch with a few friends from college via Twitter. This isn't all that noteworthy in and of itself (although they rock, and it's fun to hear from them more often), but it is the first I've really told anyone I know 'in real life'* about my blog. I haven't brought it up directly - it seems such a strange thing to explain to someone who isn't already a style blogger or blog-reader, particularly unsolicited - but I imagine at least a few old friends have clicked my links and seen this (kind of) strange thing I'm doing now. After a few months of regular blogging, it's funny the things that will make you just a wee bit self-conscious again.

*Chris and S. being the notable exceptions who prove the rule. 


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i love the yellow and the pale green of the earrings together. big pops of color are just what i'm in the mood for this spring.
p.s. congrats on your two big features, that's amazing!!! soon you're going to be the really popular girl and you won't sit with me at the lunch table anymore :)

NodToStyle said...

so i'm thinking you should win the award for the best backgrounds in outfit shots.

emily said...

Thanks! I too want to just immerse myself in color these days. I think my black shirts are getting a little sulky about it.

And don't worry, I'll always sit with you at the lunch table - I wouldn't know the first thing about being one of the cool kids. :)

emily said...

Haha, thank you! I'm always hoping that if I keep changing up the spectacular scenery, people won't notice so much that I keep wearing the same four things over and over. :)

Clara said...

OMG!!! I love those pics. <333
the place is magic and your clothes, so beautiful!

dixie said...

love those earrings. this outfit is great! i'm glad that you felt better enough to at least go out and see some sights. i hope chris had a good birthday nonetheless. :)

barefootandvintage said...

dope earrings, lovely background...so envious of your travels!
sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. uuummmm...are you pregnant?
you don't have to answer that question, as it's super personal. i'm just saying... wink wink

KerryJane said...

Only a few of my friends know about my blog at this point. It's kind of awkward with the slightly different voice we tend to use in writing. And it can feel really over exposing!

I love the color of that blouse and especially love that it has a pocket :)

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Lovely outfit, especially the yellow and turquois together!! Love this combination of those two colors!! Hope you feel much better now! The Acropolis must have made up for the rest of the day, it is after all one amazing landmark!


emily said...

Thank you Clara!

emily said...

Thanks Dixie! I was honestly pretty amazed that I felt well enough to go do things, but I did have to scrap the awesome birthday dinner & wine that I'd hoped to put together. Fortunately we wound up going out for a beautiful splurgey night of dinner and drinks with friends here in Rome, so we decided that could sort of count as a late birthday celebration. :)

emily said...

Ha! It's ok, you are not the first to suspect - Chris told his mom that I'd been sick and without hesitation, she just blurted, "Oh yeah, she's pregnant." While it is technically possible, I think the more likely culprit is the extremely rare hamburger I'd eaten the day before. :)

emily said...

I think you are dead-on about this, a huge part of my self-consciousness is about that difference in voice and tone when writing. I'm still getting used to the idea of sharing my blog with 'real life' friends. However, we did meet up with some college friends this past weekend who all said incredibly nice things about it, so that was sweet. :)

emily said...

Thanks Anja, I love this color combination too! I haven't been sick at all since that day, so I definitely suspect it was just some food poisoning and nothing serious. I still managed to have a great time visiting the Acropolis, it was so gorgeous!!

LH said...

LOVE THIS! What a great, classic/cool outfit for a classic/cool location! These look like the kinds of photos that will still look awesome and fashionable 30 years from now!

S. of Narrowly Tailored said...

this mustard top is GORGEOUS! i'm in love.

i'm totally with you on the blog-self-consciousness thing! you, A. & A. and former roommate L. are the only people from school who know about my blog, but on occasional moments—mostly out of being genuinely proud (his choice of words) of what I'm doing, D. will let it slip to folks and I'll have this moment of panic, followed by a desperate and confused attempt to contextualize. I don't really know why it makes me feel that way, but it definitely still does.

I agree with Tania -- you're getting to awfully the hot ticket these days, my dear! I'm so happy for you!

Callipygian said...

"Technically possible"? High-five!

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