July 20, 2011


Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin: 20 Juli
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin: 20 Juli
olive & aqua
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin: 20 Juli
aqua, olive, gold & mint
Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin: 20 Juli
necklace - Forever 21 / blouse - Target / watch - Arkanoplatz flea market, Berlin / shorts - thrifted & hemmed / sandals - Target, thrifted

If I look just the slightest bit awkward in these photos (by which I mean, more so than usual), it's because there was a guy going back and forth between the door immediately over my left shoulder and a van across the street the entire time we were taking these pictures. I try not to feel too self-conscious while taking pictures, but this was... awkward. He definitely thought we were pretty odd, but I told him if he didn't want random American bloggers taking pictures outside his place of business/residence, next time he should try not painting his building such a sunny color.*

Since the theme of the week seems to be sharing my outfit inspiration, this one is definitely inspired by this look from Kendi, right down to the aqua statement necklace. Sadly, adorable heels are in short supply around here, but I'm always happy to add some extra bling to an outfit with these braided gold sandals.

*I told him no such thing.


Danielle Sprouse said...

i love the braided gold sandals!

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

such a cute combo! Very pretty and I do love Kendi's inspiration. Those shorts are my favorite and I need to get a similar pair somewhere!

Chaucee said...

The photos were worth the awkwardness. I love this outfit! Great shorts! 

Siena Style said...

hi sweetie, just found your blog!!
love your style and following now:)
kiss from prague
you can check my blog too:)
have a wonderful day!

Christy said...

You have the best collection of shorts in the world! I'm really more of a dress/skirt kind of gal, but every time you post a pair of shorts, I feel so inspired to style up a rarely-worn a pair of my own! And I think your photos turned out wonderfully; that guy seems like he was much more awkward than you! :)

Stephanie said...

I love the closeness in color of the shorts and the necklace against the shirt!

the other emily said...

Thanks Danielle - this is actually my second pair of these, as I love them so much I wore the first pair into the ground!

the other emily said...

Thanks Anja - definitely look around some thrift stores for shorts, I am constantly finding these pleated, high-waisted mom shorts in bright or pastel colors every time I go thrifting, and they look great once they've been hemmed to a more youthful length!

the other emily said...

Thanks Siena! :)

the other emily said...

Thanks Chaucee! I love these shorts, but I've got to watch out when I wear them - they're so high-waisted that if I'm not careful, the waistband ends up an inch below my bra, yikes!

the other emily said...

 Thanks Christy! I've always been more of a skirt girl too, and I really hated shorts up until this last year, but they have definitely grown on me this summer and now I love them. :)

the other emily said...

Thanks Stephanie, I was so psyched when I realized they were so similar and I knew I had to try wearing them together. 

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