July 8, 2011

fact vs. romance

brass whistle necklace - vintage via etsy / gray v-neck - Target / belt - vintage, thrifted / skirt - J.Crew, thrifted / sandals - Target, thrifted  

There are two possible narratives for these photos - I'll let you be judge of which one seems more plausible.

Romance: Sultry summer weather calls for simple pieces in classic silhouettes.
Fact: When it's hot and sticky, grab whatever is on top of my rapidly dwindling pile of clean laundry and call it an outfit. (Bonus points if it successfully covers all the rude bits.) Accessorize with whatever necklace was left sitting on the kitchen table from the other day. No makeup.

Romance: A quiet, residential street in Prenzlauerberg makes for a lovely backdrop.
Fact: We took these on our street, on the way to the grocery store. Scenic! (But isn't that motorcycle bitchin'?)

Romance: A sweetly feminine updo is the perfect complement to a classic t-shirt.
Fact: I am really itching for a haircut. My bangs are way too long, and I'm pretty tired of the bun-everyday routine.

Romance: Sometimes it's better to be brief - brevity is the soul of wit.
Fact: I had a raging headache, the sun was in my eyes, and everybody was a little cranky today. We did not take very many photos, and of those we did take, I am making an awful goober face in 80%. Six hours later, I still have that headache.


Izabela said...

Isn't it funny how you can make all these seemingly negative things sound so positive? I love the simplicity of this outfit -- I've been dying for a full black skirt like that!

Elizabeth said...

I love the commentary, it is an example of how ones description can dress up or down an outfit/your mood/situation. 

Whatever the reason I like the simple outfit and your hair do is lovely!

academiaemily said...

Aw, those days always happen in real life, but in my experience, travel intensifies them. I hope your weekend is better!

Kelly said...

Awww ... sorry to hear about your headache. Hope you feeling better. In the other hand, love this witty post ... Sometimes blogging can be alot of smoke & mirrors.

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

sarah said...

cute hair! how'd you do that? cute outfit, too :)

the other emily said...

Haha, yeah, it was just one of those days, but I like to stay pretty positive on my blog - so I thought it might be fun to show both sides. :)

I did quite like this outfit though - this skirt always makes me feel like a ballerina!

the other emily said...

 Thanks Elizabeth! It's funny how much re-phrasing an experience can affect the way you feel about it too, after writing this post I felt much better - all my various complaints just started to seem silly in hindsight.

the other emily said...

So true - there's nothing like a bad mood or a sick day to make you yearn for the familiar! And thanks, I think the weekend will be much better. :)

the other emily said...

 Thanks Kelly - I stopped drinking coffee/Diet Coke everyday, and I think I traded in my caffeine addiction for an Ibuprofen one! Maybe I should have stuck with the soda, at least that was a delicious and refreshing way to cure my headaches. :)

the other emily said...

Thanks Sarah! The hairstyle was the result of some experimentation, but it's pretty easy - I just pulled the top third of my hair up into a high bun and bobby pinned it, then divided the rest of my hair into two more buns right below it.

Playground Love said...

I love the outfit. You really can´t go wrong with simple. And I tend to wear the jewelry I  wore the previous day when I just don´t have the time to think about what jewelry I want to wear. So I just grab whatever´s laying around the house (I tend to leave it scattered all over the place). I thought I was the only one who did that xD . Nice to know I am not alone.

Allie said...

even if though it wasnt a great day, you looked adorable! love your necklace, looks like joan's from mad men!

Santina said...

So, what you're saying is that it was sweltering, you had a headache and aren't really digging your hair but still managed to look GORGEOUS? I'm impressed. I got a bit sour after a crappy bus experience and then took outfit pics. I look angry and it's not cute. Well done, friend.

I love a good tee, and this vneck looks like one I'd want to wear all the time!

the other emily said...

Haha, no, you are definitely not alone - I do that constantly! I try to be good about putting things away, but for some reason my jewelry seems to end up all over the place. Then I just end up picking something up while making breakfast and go with it!

the other emily said...

 Thank you! Ha, I have actually had the same thought about this necklace too, there's just something about a simple gold pendant. :)

the other emily said...

 Ha, well when you put it that way, it doesn't sound too bad at all. :)

I have definitely taken my fair share of pissy-faced outfit pictures too - they always seem to happen when I am hot, hungry, or have a headache, plus sometimes I think I just have a little bit of a chronic bitchface.

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