July 26, 2011

double jeopardy

necklace - vintage, great grandmother's / blouse - thrifted / tote - Forever 21 / belt - vintage, thrifted / watch - Arkanoplatz flea market, Berlin / shorts - vintage, thrifted & hemmed / woven flats - UO

Ever since pinning this outfit of Tania's a few weeks ago, I've had this vibrant blue and yellow color combination on the brain. I've been daydreaming more than I ought to admit about pairing this incredible blue knife-pleated dress Emily sent me right before our return to Europe with a pair of marigold heels I have in storage (the perfect outfit for an upcoming birthday?), and when I stumbled across this bright blue blouse during my rainy day trip to the thrift store last week, I was all too happy to pay three euros for it. It's pretty big (I actually had to watch out that the hem didn't peek out below the edge of my shorts!), but I love the way the color looks with just about everything I own, and I think it will transition nicely into fall.

Unfortunately I think these shorts may be known as 'the bee sting shorts' forevermore - I got stung the last time I wore them, and today our afternoon picnic was plagued by bees! Despite their inexplicable interest in my face (why, oh why must they always hover right by my face?) I managed to escape uninjured, but Chris was stung in the leg. Fortunately he seems to exhibiting even less of an allergic reaction than I did.


Elaine Hearn said...

The scallops are adorable!

Jessie said...

this color combination is so wonderful emily! definitely pinworthy.

nataya said...

your hair bun is pretty, wish you have tutorial to share:)

Jessica Zigenis said...

Definitely one of my new favorite outfits of yours! Love this color combo. You look lovely!

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

oh this is such a fun outfit and believe it or not, I wore a similar combo, just blue on the bottom and yellow on top! Looking really cute! I like the background as well, very you!

dotty said...

this is such a fantastic color combination that it's too bad bees like marigold as much as i do! 

p.s. your bun is looking especially blogish and pretty today.  just fyi.

Julie Del Moore said...

Gorgeous colors together!  I want to go thrifting in Europe!

Julie Del @ J.Bird

Julia Topaz said...

everything about this is absolutely wonderful! these. shorts. are. amazing. Perfect color choice for the top and your hair is adorable. Though I'm sorry you were stung by a bee!

Kristin said...

I love these colors and the shorts are great! Too bad they incite bee stings. Worth it? I think yes. 

Chaucee said...

such cute shots! too bad they bring about bad luck.

sartoriography said...

I'm so glad you like that dress!  And I'm so glad you were able to go from it to this amazing, amazing outfit!  I adore this color palate.  It's so painfully right in the perfect way.  And even if it did cause some strings (rude!), you look so good it's worth it.  :)

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