July 29, 2011

rained out

sweater - H&M / t-shirt - Target / jeans - UO / ring - H&M / shoes - Target

...or in, I should say. Those of you familiar with Berlin will immediately recognize that this is not Berlin. Today was a thoroughly enjoyable rainy, indoors, laundromat-going, chili-making, documentary-watching (NOVA & History Channel specials on Venice) and book-reading (finally finished Eating Animals, started Atonement) kind of day, and in all that we completely failed to take any outfit pictures. Fortunately, I'd worn the exact same thing (save swapping the gray tee for a pink one and the ring for my watch) a little over a month ago on a day trip to Ghent, so my rainy day outfit needn't go wholly undocumented. I love this sweater for days like this, it's perfectly soft and cozy, and I can skip any kind of makeup or accessories and just let my sequins do the work.


sartoriography said...

I love the fact that you're wearing a sweatshirt with sequins.  It's this sort of contrast that makes me get all heady about fashion.  And then with the ring (I have the browny-pink version!) and the shoes...it's all so perfectly put together, but so laid back and surprising.  Your rainy day is the best.  :)

Kate Burrill said...

Hey Emily, I'm new to your blog, and just wanted to say Hi!

I studied abroad in Germany when I was in college, so I'm enjoying all the pictures around Berlin. (I was in a little town called Goettingen, so I only visited Berlin a few times, but I loved that city.)

Also, I was wondering whether you have already done a tutorial on (or perhaps just explained) how to do your bun--it's so cute! I have attempted the bun, but it always looks really tiny because I have fine hair.


Leah @ Leah Today said...

I do love your sweater with a bit of sparkleyness, but I don't blame you at all, your rainy day in sounds perfectly lovely.

Hi, I'm Leah BTW. (:



Lynne Tanzer said...

Love your sweater sooooo very much

courtneyhayes said...

I really love this. Do you think traveling (and less choices in the wardrobe department) has made your style better? 

Callie Gisler said...

Such a cozy and cute outfit for those rainy days spent inside. The touch of sparkle on the shoulders of your top adds a great hint of glamor, but the sneakers keep things down to earth. Super adorable - just like every other outfit of yours. Thanks for sharing!

the other emily said...

 Hi Kate, and welcome! Ooh, I would have loved to spend more time in Germany while studying abroad - I lived in Copenhagen for six months in college, so I made my first short trip to Berlin then. On our next visit I'd love to spend time further south, I still haven't been to Bavaria at all.

I've been meaning to put together a little video on the technique is use for my bun these days - it's super easy, and does a good job creating a lot of volume even with finer or shorter hair. Hopefully I'll get that done this weekend and have it up on the blog soon! :)

the other emily said...

Thanks Leah! Sometimes it's great to have a little 'mandatory' down-time in the midst of travelling, just curling up with a good book can make a strange place feel so much more home-y.

the other emily said...

Thanks Lynne, I do too. I am a sucker for sequins, especially in this kind of tone-on-tone color scheme, so I was thrilled to find this one at H&M a few years ago. :)

the other emily said...

Thanks Courtney! I do think traveling has made my style better, in large part because it's forced me to wear only the best stuff from my closet - I brought only the the things that I really liked, that fit me well and were in good shape, and that to some extent fit into a larger color scheme I'm favoring these days. I definitely think I'll be doing a pretty major closet clean-out when I get home and unpack the boxes of things I didn't bring, since there aren't many things there that I've really missed having these last few months!

the other emily said...

Aw, thanks Callie. :)

illume said...

i love the outfit. i'm all for comfort. and especially love the shoes you're wearing. currently on my shopping list. :)


Kerry said...

Oh I looooove that sweater, so sad to hear that it's from a few years ago!! Perhaps this calls for a (very patient) DIY for me!  

JoAnn, Sidewalk Chic said...

I love your pretty ring! :) Looks great with the sequin sweatshirt. 

And because of our twitter conversations, I've started to re-read Atonement... Let me know what you think about it! 

Kate said...

Thanks so much! Looking forward to the video! 

Julie Del Moore said...

LOVE sequins!  Great sweater.  

Julie Del @ J.Bird

Jennie Marie Moss said...


Jennie Marie Moss said...

im going to H&M immediately to get that sweater!

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