February 23, 2011


19 of 30
east finchley, london
east finchley, london
necklace - vintage, thrifted / army jacket - Zara / ring - Primark / watch - La Mer / black tee - UO / denim leggings - Target / shoes - UO

Whew! I think we have just had our most tiring moving day yet! We snapped these quick, regrettably indoor photos Monday night while packing, and I haven't had a spare minute since. Despite adventures traveling with suitcases on the Tube during the morning rush hour (Chris learned the hard way that, when the announcement says the doors are closing, they mean it - even if your suitcase is on the train and the rest of you is not), we and our belongings have successfully made it to our new home for the week, and sustained only minor injuries along the way.

This basic-heavy outfit is far from my favorite remix, but it seemed like a good backdrop to show off a few of the accessories I picked up during our time in England.

red necklace
cocktail ringred shoes
Astute readers will note that these shoes are a new addition to my 30x30. I picked them up at UO earlier this week while dreaming of springtime, and since it's now pretty certain I won't be receiving a lot of my original picks until after the challenge is over, I'm giving myself a lot more leeway about swapping things in. (And after counting it up, I've only worn 25 items so far during my 30x30.)

After being pretty absent from blog-land for a few days, I have a backlog of comments to answer, but for now I'm off to explore our new home a little bit! I'm hoping to post another remix later today, and to show you where we are now.


Looks & Books said...

Such lovely accessories! You're right--the palette is basic, but I think that's what you need to show off those lovely shades of coral and turquoise.

Anja said...

I think you are forgiven for swapping some thing, with your clothes stuck in customs etc.These shoes and the necklace are so pretty! Nice pics!

academichic said...

I love the items you've picked up in England! I was actually admiring both your jewelry and those shoes before I even read the text. Great, great finds! Looking forward to seeing where you are now :)


alogsdon said...

Those shoes are to die for! This is totally an outfit I would wear.

BetweenLaundryDays said...

Oh good gravy, I LOOOOVE the pops of red against the olive jacket! This is definitely an absolute favorite. You've been KILLING it with your 30/30.

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