February 24, 2011

sick day

21 of 30
Panmure Street, Edinburgh
Panmure Street, Edinburgh
Panmure Street, Edinburgh
brass whistle necklace - vintage, MyMomsBasement via etsy / watch - La Mer / red print button-down - vintage, thrifted / gray tank - Anthropologie / overdyed skinnies - Zara / shoes - Toms

I went for a pretty simple outfit today, counting on the pretty print of my vintage button-down to keep things interesting. We'd planned to hike up one of the volcanic hills overlooking Edinburgh, so comfort was definitely key. We took our pictures inside because yesterday I felt like I was getting a little sick - then we headed out for our walk, and I quickly realized I was definitely already sick. It never fails, I only get sick on days with really lovely weather. We turned around and headed home, and I've since spent the afternoon watching TV under the duvet - hopefully we'll get another sunny day soon, and my nasty cold won't last too long!

I'm pretty pleased to be 2/3 of the way through my 30x30, although I think coming to the end of the remix challenge will be a bit of an anti-climax - I don't exactly have a lot of other clothes to wear! Still, having given up halfway through last summer, I expect to have at least some sense of accomplishment. Here's a round-up of my last ten remixes:

30 for 30: 11 through 15
30 for 30: 16 through 20
Evidently, I really had a thing for dark blues this past week! I think my favorites from this bunch are #12, #14, and #18.


Natalie Lord said...

I LOVE this! No really, I really really love it! I love your style and your blog. So glad I found it! A big love fest here :)

Rebecca said...

I found your blog through the 30x30 list. I really like your remixes.

Archives said...

oh no! sorry you're not feeling well :(i will say that i love how the awesomely decaying wallpaper matches your shirt!

feel better soon, girl!

Terryton said...

Emily, sorry to hear that you are ill on your travels! I hope you have a fast recovery. I really enjoy your blog. You are so creative with your outfits and picture locations! I have to say, I think my favorite part of the blog has been hearing about your travels and I would love to hear any additional details and general travel secrets that you have to share! For example, how do you stay healthy traveling so much? Do you have any special techniques for packing? How much do you try to blend in with the locals in certain locations (in other words, how do you know how to dress without seeming too touristy)? Thanks for all of your time in writing this blog, it is very appreciated! Terry

bella said...

Lovely recap. My favorite outfits from this batch are 13 and 19. That cardi is gorgeous!

Savannah said...

You have such a cool style, I love looking at your outfits. This one is really cute!


emily said...

Haha, thanks so much Natalie!

emily said...

Thanks Rebecca! I have been trying to work my way through the remixer list too, but it's tough - there are so many great remixers this go around!

emily said...

Thanks hon - fortunately I seem to be making a reasonably quick recovery, I'm down to just sneezing a lot at inappropriate times and places.

Isn't that wallpaper AMAZING though?? This kitchen is everything I want in our next place - super-sleek Ikea system (with hidden appliances!) on one side, gorgeous peeling old wallpaper on the other side. It's soooooo pretty.

emily said...

Hi Terry - I'm so glad you like the blog!

I'm actually in the midst of writing a longer feature post about a lot of the traveling issues you've raised, particularly about some of the packing and style lessons I've learned so far. It's been pushed a little bit to the back burner as I wrap up my 30x30, but I hope to get it finished very soon and you've given me some great questions to think about while writing!

emily said...

Thanks Bella, it's definitely one of my favorites!

emily said...

Thank you Savannah!

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