February 10, 2011


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jardins majorelle, marrakech, morocco
jardins majorelle, marrakech, morocco 
necklace - vintage, flea market / red print button-down - vintage, thrifted / white v-neck - Forever 21 / belt - vintage, thrifted / leather wrap watch - La Mer / overdyed skinnies - Zara / flats - Zara

These photos are from our last day in Marrakech. We visited the Jardins Majorelle, a small but lovely botanical garden - and the site of Yves Saint Laurent's ashes. I'd been trying to dream up some different ways to wear this vintage button-down, as it's oddly one of the more challenging pieces I own to remix, and I realized I'd worn it under other things but never over. I decided to borrow a page from S. of Narrowly Tailored's playbook and use a belt to reign in some of the blouse's volume and give more definition to my natural waist.

I'm afraid I'll keep this short and sweet, as I'm absolutely knackered from traveling all day, but I'll be back in blogger-action tomorrow to talk about this week's FBFF topic (one of my favorites!) and to share some surprisingly nice outfit photos taken in the midst of our journey today. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the pub for a nice glass of bitter - I'll give you three guesses where we are now. :)


academichic said...

I love that shirt of yours! The color and pattern is just so pretty. I thin the belting it while leaving it open is a great move - that openess created a flattering vertical line that helps mitigate the volume of the shirt.

You look stunning as always! I swear, your outfits never dissapoint (and neither do the backdrops).


Anja said...

super cute outfit. Nice location as well! Love the shirt and the open belted way you wear it!

BetweenLaundryDays said...

You know what's a good word? "Knackered"

You know what's a good outfit? This one.

emily said...

Aw, thanks S. It's funny, I never seem to belt things open like this, but I ought to give it a try more often - I think you're absolutely right about it creating a nice longer line.

emily said...

Thanks Anja!

emily said...

Oh man, we were at a pub tonight and a guy came to our table looking for salt (tequila shots, as you do), and asked if he could "nick" it - I barely managed to stifle my giggles!

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