February 11, 2011

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aeroport de marrakech, morocco
scarf - gift / perfect army jacket - Zara / belt - boyfriend's / bracelet - Berber handcraft, gift from Tunisia / leather wrap watch - La Mer / breton striped sweater - H&M / blue v-neck - Forever 21 / leggings - Style&Co., mommed / boots - Steve Madden

Just a tip for traveling bloggers - it is not always a good idea to take your outfit shots in the airport. We took these photos in the airport at Marrakech because the light was great, the building was interesting, and I actually really liked my airplane outfit - and we came this close to getting in trouble for it! As soon as we'd finished, an uniformed guard approached us and politely asked us to show him the photos we'd been taking. We flicked through them on the camera, and fortunately he decided we were harmless (if a bit odd) and didn't ask us to delete them!

aeroport de marrakech, morocco
aeroport de marrakech, morocco
A lot of times, my airport outfits feel a little blah to me, more governed by comfort and security checkpoints than style, but this one worked out really well and I actually felt pretty cute. I wouldn't generally have combined yellow, blue, and green in one outfit, but I think the unexpected combination worked out pretty well - and segues nicely into this week's Friend Friday questions on color.

1. What color dominates your closet?

I spent six years in architecture school, and three working in various architecture offices, so... black. Black black black, with a side of gray. The number of black clothes I own is probably equal to all other colors combined, and the vast majority of the things I brought with me on our travels are black, gray, or blue. This is fairly ridiculous, as I always love outfits that include a lot of color and feel best when I'm dressed colorfully myself - so, I'm working on it.

2. If money weren't an issue how would you change the color emphasis in your closet?

Lately I've been loving bright colors that have a slight earthiness to them, that aren't pure hues. Here are a few favorites from my color inspiration folder right now:

(original image sources: mustard, puce, olive, navy, and rust)

I've been gradually collecting a few of these (olive, navy, and rust so far), and it's probably no coincidence that they all look great with one another too.

3. What is your mantra about mixing colors?

 Just do it. This is something I try to bear in mind all the time now, both in getting dressed and in shopping for new pieces. I don't think there are really that many 'bad' color combinations out there, and lately it seems that every time I put two or three odd colors together I wind up loving the results. I really don't have any hard and fast rules, and often a few carefully chosen accessories can really help soften an otherwise jarring color combination.

4. For you, how do you incorporate color into your outfits?

This is definitely something I've gotten a lot more conscious of since blogging my outfits regularly. I've found the easiest way to inject some color into a predominantly neutral wardrobe is by incorporating some colorful tights ( like these, or these) and accessories, as both can really liven up an otherwise drab outfit. When shopping, I've definitely been on the lookout for color in skirts - a colorful skirt is a bit more unexpected than a bright top, and it can feel more comfortable to introduce color into your wardrobe when it's not right next to your face.

(Here are a few of my favorite recent outfits that make use of color: Jan. 1, Jan. 10, Jan. 23, Feb. 5, & Feb. 6.)

5. Which blogger(s) do you think do a good job of incorporating color into their wardrobe? 

There are TONS of bloggers who do great things with color - in fact, it's one of the main things that draws me to another blogger's style! A few bloggers whose outfits make frequent appearances in my inspiration folder for their stunning and unexpected use of color are Zoe of Haiku Ambulance, Julie of Orchid Grey, Amanda of Off of Broadway, Kendi of Kendi Everyday, and Christina of Second Skin.

P.S. Don't forget to check out all the other great FBFF posts about color over at ModlyChic!


Anja said...

uhh, glad nothing happened at the airport! but the photos are worth a little hassle ;)

So cute outfit, it went straight to my outfit ideas folder! Thanks for the inspiration

oranges_and_apples said...

Hello, first time visitor! Those photos are great, well worth the security hassle!

BetweenLaundryDays said...

Oh man, those colors make my world go round. They are my jam.

Also my jam? Pictures in the airport. I'm glad you didn't get in trouble for them, 'cause they are awesome! Emily and I took pictures in O'Hare once and made friends with the guy at the Information booth.

Tamara said...

adorable! Love how they all work well together!!


loveandpeaceF said...

Great outfit, I'm glad your pictures were not considered a notion threat and you were allowed to keep them :P

- www.itsanewkate.blogspot.com

Kara @ Unusual Form said...

I also spent 6 years in architecture school. I never really bought into the whole all black thing. I feel like a bit of an outcast for my colorful outfits in an all neutral profession, but it makes me feel good and that's what counts. PS I've really enjoyed following your travel outfits. Great blog!

amanda said...

loooooooooooove it!! i keep think how much i need one of those olive green army jackets. this outfit just put me over the edge. :)

emily said...

Thanks Anja! I always love belting jackets like this - now I just need to get my boyfriend a new belt so I can keep this one. :)

emily said...

Welcome! I think my eyes must have been the size of dinnerplates when that guard walked over, I was definitely expecting to be in big trouble. I'm so glad he let us keep our photos, and was really super polite about it too.

emily said...

Be warned: they are super addictive!

emily said...

Haha, that's so cute! I don't think this guy was quite ready to hit me up on facebook, but he was at least nice about the whole thing.

emily said...

Thank you!

emily said...

Thanks, me too!

emily said...

Yeah, I didn't get sucked into the all-black bit until grad school, when I felt so pressed for time about everything that I just sort of naturally gravitated to easy (lack of) decision-making that black and grey offered. Good for you for resisting that inexorable pull, and looking awesome doing it :)

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