February 3, 2011


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marrakech, morocco: 2eme fevrier
breton striped cardigan - H&M / necklace - vintage, thrifted / black scoopneck tee (worn backwards) - UO / jeggings - Target / socks - Target / boots - Steve Madden

I admit, I feel just the tiniest bit guilty posting these photos - just as it seems nearly everyone in North America has been blasted with variously creatively named snowstorms, I'm enjoying temperatures in the upper sixties on my new balcony in Marrakech. It just doesn't seem fair.

This outfit may not be the most exciting start to my 30for30, but it managed to fulfill my recent modesty requirements while still feeling reasonably put together. I can tell already that this cardigan is going to be a pretty major staple of this challenge - the breton stripes make it a fun classic, and the longer length allows me to play around with a lot of different ways to wear it. My basic black tee is another remix workhorse, and one of the pieces that I included in my last attempt at the 30for30 - I've actually got a whopping seven items in my current wardrobe that I used last time. I guess thspeaks well to my commitment to remixing (or puny budget.... same difference).

Beyond the high contrast of these photos, and of the outfit itself, our experience of Marrakech thus far couldn't be a bigger contrast to our time in Fez. To begin with, there are easily twenty times as many tourists here, so we don't stick out quite so much, and the city itself is substantially more European in character. We're living in the new town instead of in the medina, so everything around us is very modern and familiar, and the weather is sunny and gorgeous instead of cool and rainy. Fez was incredible, but tough - now this seems so very easy, a girl could get spoiled.
marrakech, morocco: 2eme fevrier
marrakech, morocco: 2eme fevrier
I'm watching you, cactus.


Sophie said...

Wish I had that cardi it looks so versatile :) that balcony looks terrific!

BetweenLaundryDays said...

I love how you've used the necklace to kick up this outfit. And I do adore that cardigan.

Also, as much as I've enjoyed this blizzard, highs in the 60s sound pretty fantastic.

sartoriography said...

"I'm watching you, cactus." BUA!! That is the best sneaky line ever to be found in a blog! Reading this post twice (I got distracted last time and didn't comment) hasn't detracted from its hilarity. That cactus better not be up to no good or you'll catch it!

You look super traveler cool in this outfit. I love the stripes w the cognac boots. I have to admit, though, that I most love the cactus and your suspicion of it. :)

sartoriography said...

PS- Your weather sounds awesome, but I have to admit, I'm loving all this snow in Chicago. It's like a crazy snow-wall labyrinth out there!

emily said...

The ridiculous part? This is only one of the three balconies at our Marrakech digs. I kind of want to chain myself to the plumbing and refuse to leave!

emily said...

This necklace is one of my most favorite thrift finds - I guess my inner stripper just can't resist anything lucite :)

emily said...

I am so glad you appreciate my nerdiness! Sometimes when I am editing photos, I can't help but develop little mini-narratives to explain some of my stranger posing choices...

DailyDesirables said...

so jealous of your warm weather! the snow here has gotten insane! and i love your outfit- especially because it's simple enough that i can recreate it ;)

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